The easiest and most reliable way to change the color of hair is the visit to a beauty salon the colorist. This is especially true of complex staining. Thanks to the experienced technician, your hair will become smooth and desired color.
Hair dye can samostoyatelno at home. To do this, purchase separately cream paint and oxidizer. The number of recent tools choose depending on the contrast of the selected color of paint and his own hair.

For colouring 1-2 tones darker enough 3% peroxide. When lightening up to 2 tones 6 to 9%, up to 3 tones – 9-12%. If the color exposed hair with prevailing hair requires 6-9% oxidant. When coloring tone on tone preference means without ammonia with the concentration of peroxide is not more than 1.9%.
Do not change hair color too dark, more than two shades. Especially when you plan to stay such a long time. Growing the roots will be much lighter that will create the appearance of gray hair even in young girls and women. In this situation, you occasionally have to touch up the roots or back to the natural color.
Directly before the procedure, you must test the skin for allergic reactions. To do this, apply a small amount in a thin layer on the inside of the elbow and leave it for 45-50 minutes. After the procedure, rinse the paint with warm water. If at this time or during the following day no signs of skin reactions has not appeared, such a tool can be used.
A fairly common situation is when, even after careful selection of paint, the resulting color does not meet expectations. To protect yourself from such troubles, test. To do this, dissolve in a porcelain Cup with a bit of paint, enough to dye a single strand.

Separate it from the rest of the hair (it is better to choose for this hidden, located in the occipital part of the strands), put under her foil, paint and wrap. Stand specified in the user time, rinse and dry the hair. If the result on dry hair suits you, you can safely paint the entire head.
Before the procedure, cover yourself with a robe. Ears and skin along the hairline treat fat cream. Mix all the ingredients for colouring hair in a non-metallic bowl and immediately get to work.

Start with parietal areas or places of growth of gray hair. The latter should paint the whiskey. The composition, apply first at the roots of the hair with a brush and then distribute it throughout their length. Rich, red hues should be applied in the reverse order.
Treating all the strands, soak specified in the user time for the paint to thoroughly soak in. You can't exceed it, it can damage your hair and scalp. In the presence of gray hair, this period can be increased by 5-10 minutes, in case clarification is also be reduced.

Before shampooing lightly pour the dyed hair with water and lather with your hands. Then rinse with warm water with special shampoo, stabilizing and fixing the color. In the end, apply the hair conditioner for colored hair.