Onion culture is quite often affected by the onion fly and onion tick. Slugs and snails also love to spoil those plants.

How to deal with slugs and snails

These pests can be combated by using copper tape, which is laid around the perimeter of the beds, after removing the snails from there. The copper strip should be at least 5 cm in width that slugs and snails are unable to crawl. The strip should be of copper and not of another material. When there is contact of copper and snail mucus, is formed an electrical couple. It does not kill the slugs, but gives them to understand that to come here they should not be. In addition, the slugs and snails do well frogs, so seeing them on the site, not in a hurry to get rid of them. Ash, scattered on the beds also will not allow these pests to move closer to the plants. They do not like dry surfaces, and they will be hard enough to do it.

How to deal with other pests of onion crops

To fight other onion pests you can use a mixture of tobacco dust and lime. Not to get burns from this tool, to prepare it it is necessary in gloves. Both components mixed in equal proportions and lay it on folded in 2 layers of cheesecloth. Then tie the cheesecloth into a pouch and sprayed the finished product on the plants, trying to carry out this procedure, as you lower to the ground.

If traditional methods do not help to get rid of pests, use chemical drugs, such as spark or Malathion.