Kopite on the site shallow containers so that their edges were flush with the soil. In the tank in the evening pour fresh milk and sour slugs are not attracted to. Because slugs out of the shelters after sunset, in the morning in the trap you will find these gastropods. An even more effective bait for slugs is beer. Especially a lot of slugs and snails out in wet weather, so traps better dig in after the rain. To lure the slugs out of hiding can be scattered on the paths between the beds oatmeal, but be prepared in this case to collect shellfish by hand.

Slugs can not only lure in the trap, but to destroy. Quite an effective way of getting rid of these pests is lime. In the morning sprinkle the ground in the area with lime twice, with an interval of 10-15 minutes. Slugs and snails ran in the thus treated soil, blacken and die. If you sprinkle the area with lime 2 days in a row can be completely or almost completely get rid of these pests.

To protect plants from snails and slugs, you can fall asleep aisle of crushed seashells and egg shells - their splinters hurt delicate tissues of shellfish. Natural enemies of slugs are frogs, toads and snakes, so try to plant on his land of snakes and amphibians, which will help you to cope with pests. Eat slugs also jackdaws, starlings and rooks, but at the same time they will eat and harvest fruit trees. Thus, as your trusted allies will be toads, frogs and snakes.