To defeat the enemy or prevent its occurrence, find out the "enemy" in the face. The seeds of this plant ripen 2-3 times a year, so you can guess how much they accumulate in the soil. Seeds begin to germinate at a temperature of 25 ° C, and intense process occurs after a rain or watering the garden. Please be patient, because you have an uphill battle.
If you decide to get rid of purslane mechanically, pull out the weed with its root. In the case where the weed is cut with a hoe, its root system remains in the soil, it later formed new shoots. Try to regularly weed the beds and keep the weeds to bloom.
Fill the affected purslane plot with mulch: it can be hay, straw or other organic material (sprinkle a layer of 3-4 cm). This protective layer will tame the raging plant and also repel harmful insects. If you regularly have to Multivitamine, the soil fertility of your plot will increase several times, and there will be no need to use chemicals.
Get rid of garden purslane will help spraying herbicides. Use this method in the fall, when the garden was already harvested. To combat the weed, use a mixture of "Roundel" with another herbicide ("Piramida" or "Lapis" or "Actigram"). Dissolve in the spray tank first, "Lapis", and after "Roundel" (please follow instructions). Spray the area. Remember: if within 10 hours after spraying the rain, the effectiveness of this procedure is too small. Herbicides are gradually, this weed will die within 7-10 days.