Icon – invisible thread, a connection between the earthly world and the Kingdom of God. Whoever calls the icon picture. Flight of fancy of the artist in this case completely irrelevant, all subject to the harsh rules. Technique: painting, embroidery, wood carving, believers prefer casting.
The icon accompanies every important stage in a person's life. Depending on the image and destiny, you can determine the types of icons. Some of the most common icons, the word "measure", "size". These icons are made for growth to bestow a newborn, they must accompany him until the end of days. The icon indicates the name of the Guardian angel.
Family icon – this shows the patrons of all members of the family. Each of them is selected by name. Usually the image of the patron Saint in the family icon matches the picture on each serving.
The road to God, man constantly carries with it a huge baggage of requests and desires. Assist in the implementation of the icon "all needful".
Family well-being suitable mother of God "the Unfading blossom", Nicholas will help in the way of the traveler, and Nicholas is a guarantee of successful marriage.
Wedding pair: the mother of God and Jesus images, carefully stored all the newlyweds prosperous family life. Impossible Church ceremony without Wedding icons, it is believed that if one of them gets lost – it would weaken the power of the talisman.
What name is given at baptism, the Guardian angel and assigned. His face is depicted in the icon and supports praying in difficult times, the icon with its image is called nominal.
Old believer icons different dark faces, numerous inscriptions, cast base. Primordially Russian tradition – defining features of the icons created by the opponents of the innovations.
The great value has the story of the icon. It can be an image of the Holy Trinity and Savior, the interpretation of the painter of the story from the Bible, images of the virgin, saints or Angels. For the true believer, every icon is a unique symbol, allegory of communication "between heaven and earth."