You will need
  • In what place should be placed the iconostasis Canonically – preferably in the East, and on the basis of the real situation of modern life – so that you feel comfortable and comfortable to pray that there is enough space and it was quiet.
There are still a few rules that also dictate modern life. Remember, the iconostasis should not be with the TV and other appliances.
Also, do not mixed with religious icons statuettes and other secular decorations, place paintings or reproductions of paintings, even if these artistic works were written on religious subjects.
If you have icons placed on the bookshelves – this too is wrong, especially if with images of saints side by side books, the content is far from Orthodox texts.
Another "categorical" rule – in any case, you cannot arrange the icons next to the posters and pictures of the idols of today – politicians, rock stars, sex symbols. If you want to decorate your home screen icon, do it with the help of live, fresh flowers or towels.
Sure the house needs to be icons of the Saviour and the icon of the Mother of God. Also in Russian Orthodoxy especially revered Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, and his image is very common in Orthodox families. If your home has enough space you can be part of the iconostasis personal icon, icons of saints, to which you often turn to prayer, images of the great saints of the Russian land and saints venerated in the area where you live.
For home Bojnice rules of placement of the icons are not as stringent as for the Church, but still they exist.

For a start look at the iconostasis: if you have a desire something to change, rearrange, re-hang, so you need to do, otherwise this internal dissatisfaction will distract you during prayer.
When the location of the icons in the home iconostasis, the same principles as in the Church.
Central is the icon of the Savior, often it is the biggest in size. Next to the image of Christ is placed the image of the virgin and child.
If you are facing a home iconostasis, the icon of the Savior will be on your right, and the icon of the Theotokos on the left. These are the two main icons, they should be in every Orthodox home, and above them you can put only the icon of the Holy Trinity or the icon "the last supper".
On the side of the two major icons or below them you can place icons, and icons, saints patrons professions, saints especially revered by you and others.
If you have any questions, you can always seek clarification or advice from the Church to the priest, and the priest always help you and solve all your doubts.