Pay attention to your health. Symptoms of disorders of the thyroid gland is a frequent irritability over trifles and the desire to cry over a minor issue, fatigue from slight exertion, depression or poor sleep, feeling of suffocation when wearing ties, scarves or turtlenecks, or just any discomfort in the front of the neck.
Be wary also in violation of the menstrual cycle, reduced libido, frequent palpitations, excessive sweating, shivering in body, weight reduction and increased pressure in the eyeballs. Of course, each of these symptoms can be talking about different diseases, but when a few of them already it's worth checking the thyroid gland.
Stand before a mirror and look closely at his neck in profile and full face. The thyroid gland should not stand out too much to have any swelling or edema. Then carefully felt the neck - border of the thyroid gland should be visible. When pressed on it there should be no pain, redness or difficulty in breathing.
Disruption of the thyroid can also be determined by the amount of iodine in the body. Help make this simple test. Draw the neck and the heel of iodine mesh. In normal amounts this substance mesh in the neck should be almost invisible after three hours, and on the heels – after 7-8 hours. If the drawn line disappeared early, it means your body needs iodine. But if after the allotted time are drawn, the grid is still clearly visible, too much iodine in the body, which is also a signal of the need to see a doctor.
During the examination of the thyroid gland and look at the condition of the eye. If you think that they have become more bulging, it may indicate the development of graves ' disease, caused by diffuse enlargement of the thyroid gland. In this case, the patient is assigned a complex treatment, inhibiting the synthesis of hormones.
If you find any of the following symptoms must consult a doctor-endocrinologist. He will check the tests and, if necessary, prescribe appropriate treatment, otherwise there may be serious health consequences. With a lack of iodine in the thyroid gland starts to increase in size, trying to get as much of this element from the blood. If time does not increase the consumption of foods or drugs rich in iodine, can grow a pretty impressive crop to get rid of that without a trace will not work.