You will need
  • - consultation of the endocrinologist;
  • - direction for tests and ultrasound.
To examine thyroid function, refer to the endocrinologist. Get a referral for an ultrasound and tests. The analysis on hormones is conducted in the morning, strictly on an empty stomach. You will be given a blood test for hormone T3 and T4. Often this is enough to make the correct diagnosis and to define treatment tactics.
If you are taking thyroid hormones, you get them before the examination will be cancelled. L-thyroxine is cancelled for 14-16 days before testing, triiodothyronine – in one week. Triiodothyronine eliminated from the body within 3-4 days, so its abolition, the doctor may prescribe over the period. In any case stop taking hormones on their own. This can lead to unpredictable consequences and will have to conduct emergency surgery.
One day prior to analysis eliminate physical exertion, stress, never take alcoholic beverages, totally abstain from coffee and tea, from all the medicines that you take. Pre-receive the recommendation of the doctor.
On the day of examination do not drink even water. This would allow for the most efficient examination. Before testing calm down, if you were walking fast and in a hurry, then for 30-40 minutes sit in a relaxed state and then go into an office of laboratory research.
Single blood test allows to determine total and free T3, T4 total and free, TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone, and antibodies to tirosingidroksilazy, anti-thyroglobulin, calcitonin.
If you have no thyroid disease, the TSH will be equal to 0,4-4,0 mu/l, T3 is 2.6-5.7 pmol/l T4 – 9 to 22 pmol/L. variations in the readings can with certainty speak about thyroid disease, of which there are dozens.
The analysis on hormones is cooked for 24 hours.