Regularly measure pulse rate and blood pressure. This is best done immediately after waking up, not getting out of bed. The norm for an adult of average build is 60-80 beats per minute and blood pressure 120/80 mm Hg. article If right from the morning in a state of rest observed palpitations, high blood pressure — these are signs of hyperthyroidism, i.e., hyperactivity of the thyroid gland. On the contrary, low blood pressure and pulse can talk about hypothyroidism.
The alarm needs to cause interruptions in the functioning of the heart, the feeling stops beating for a while. Feel at this point, the pulse in your wrist or neck for a minute keep track of the speed bumps. To verify the presence of rhythm disorders will help of ECG and consult a cardiologist.
Monitor your weight and compare it to the availability of appetite. Sometimes people always want to eat, but it is constantly losing weight is associated with an increased level of thyroid hormones. In other cases, by contrast, reduced production of thyroid hormones causes a constant swelling and weight gain.
Another sign of hormonal imbalance — continuous chills or a feeling of stuffiness. With increased hormone production, the patient is hot, it tends to go into a cool room, it is associated with increased metabolism. If the content of hormones, in contrast, is reduced, the metabolism slows down, and the man freezes constantly.
Pay attention to the symptoms of hyperthyroidism like tremors in the body, a feeling of "sand in the eyes" when the eyes are wide open and even a feeling pucheglazija. For hypothyroidism is characterized by frequent swelling, dry and scaly skin is greyish, the nails, loss of eyebrows at the outer edge of the eyes, hoarseness.
A slow metabolism in hypothyroidism (reduced function) leads to some changes in human behavior. For example, he becomes drowsy, lethargic, his movements are slowed, reduced intellectual ability, memory worsens. Often patient have constipation because bowel motility is also inhibited.
Watch carefully for the appearance of the lymph nodes in the neck, under the armpits, in the groin. A strong increase of the nodes or the thyroid gland may indicate various diseases. For example, iron can be increased with autoimmune tiroidite, and other symptoms at the initial stage, no. Tumor bulging on the neck often talk about nodular or multinodular colloid goiter. Increases the thyroid gland and endemic goiter, and cancer besides there is hoarseness.