The signs that determines abnormalities in the development of the thyroid glandis fatigue. Remember how you feel throughout the day. In the morning, rate how you are feeling. If you get out of bed with a feeling of fatigue and weakness, it can be alarming.
You can check your thyroid, if you have recently become hard to gain weight or, conversely, not making any effort, noted that lose weight. The thyroid gland affects the course of in the body metabolic processes. Therefore, disruption can lead to similar results.
If you are prone to depression or in your life often occur in a stressful situation, check the thyroid gland. When violations occur, and irregularities in the nervous system.
Note - do you feel cold in the hands, being in a warm room. Or, conversely, you feel hot flashes?
Touch your neck. With the growth of the thyroid gland you will notice an increase of goiter.
Remember that thyroid disease may accompany diseases like arthritis. If you have pain in the joints, and yourself checked by an endocrinologist.
Very often problems with the thyroid gland, accompanied by convulsions of the arms and legs. This most often occurs at night and causes insomnia. By the way, if you constantly can't sleep, despite the fatigue and desire to sleep; pass the examination. Insomnia is also one of the symptoms.
Affecting the operation of metabolic processes, diseases of the thyroid gland can cause frequent constipation. Watch the frequency of your stool.
As a rule, in diseases associated with the thyroid gland, increases the amount of cholesterol.
If you experience most of these symptoms, and they are almost chronic in nature, do not delay examination.