During the period of its existence, the jeans went from working clothes to the element of luxury. Today they are a must-have in the wardrobe of men and women. What's more, jeans can be combined with totally different styles in clothing.

Jeans as a wardrobe element that identifies the style

To create a unique image and bring to life the style you want, it is very important to understand the styles and sizes of jeans. With a dimension of more or less clear: you need to choose the right planting depth, the width in the hips and waist, the length of the leg.

If you choose jeans at the online store, the desired length be sure to measure from the groin seam.

Before you choose cut, you should consider what effect you want to achieve and what you really fits. What to look for when choosing a cut:

- the silhouette — it determines how tightly the product will sit on his owner;
- planting — low, medium, high.

Skinny jeans and slim — what's the difference?

How many styles exist:

- skinny — skinny;
- wslim — narrow;
- regular — medium;
- relaxed — free;
- loose — spacious-baggy.

Regular jeans is the most popular model among men and women, is a classic. This silhouette fits all, hide figure flaws and at the same time will not look baggy like loose fit. In contrast to the relaxed, they would be appropriate in the office and outside it.

But how to distinguish between skinny and slim, not immediately clear. The title of the first speaks for itself — jeans of this style should fit you like a second skin, cover the entire length of the legs.

Designers include in their collections skinni fit, focusing on young and the restless, aspiring to self-expression of people. Skinny jeans is suitable not for every girl, so no need to chase the desired way. Realistically assess your weaknesses. Despite some discomfort to wear, these jeans were "moved" in the men's wardrobe.

Slim jeans also skinny, but in tibia they are a little freer. To pick up on the figure much easier — both men and women. This cut, like the classic, never goes out of fashion — so it is very versatile and practical.

For jeans like cut suit and sports shoes, and shoes in casual style.

Skinny jeans can be worn with clothing in the city, and in sports and classic style. Going from work to go to the party, but no time to change? Just add some bright accessories, and office attire will be formal.