Advice 1: Where to call if the car was evacuated

Went outside and car in the place where it was parked, no, this situation is often faced by the residents of large cities. And it's not that the car was stolen. More often, the car lost during the evacuation. Therefore, the traffic police recommends that you first call the phone numbers related to the services responsible for towed cars. However, not all car owners know these phones.
Where to call if the car was evacuated
The question is, where to call, interested in every motorist who found his car missing from the Parking place. Experienced offenders easier, they are already familiar with the instructions for rescuing evacuated the car. For beginners, there are a number of tips compiled by experts.

What to do if your car evacuated

If it was towed without you, don't panic. To start, gather yourselves together, because you need cool mind and calm nerves, as a run, breaking the iron horse, have quite a lot.

First, type in "102". In police have confirmed that evacuation, and not theft. They have all the data on that, where he carried out the Stripping, and materials were gathered on all offenders - the numbers and the brand moving car.
Are the representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs fairly quickly, so almost immediately after the evacuation of all the data on the transported car will be presented in the head office.

Next you will have to find out what the impound lot could take away your car. These are usually in major cities such as Moscow, is a lot. To know address by phone uniform help service of housing and communal services, traffic police helpline. You can just call in the urban background. In response to the request can provide information on addresses available in the city Parking lots.
Be prepared for the fact that one hundred]CQM these can be in different parts of the city. And if you have first if you need to reach them you have pobega around the city in search of his car.

Before you go for your car, you need to pass the corresponding permission to the Central office GSPTS or one of its departments. There you will have to submit a number of documents, including:
- driver's license;
- registration certificate of the vehicle;
- the insurance policy;
- civil passport of the owner of the car;
- power of attorney, in case you drive through it.

In response you will receive the following package of documents on the basis that you return the car:
- the Protocol on detention of a vehicle;
- permission to return;
receipt of the fine to be paid in the legal deadlines;
- document on payment of the evacuation of the machine.

What to consider when taking the car out of impound

Taking a car out of impound, you must inspect the shipment for possible damage. Remember that once you leave the territory of the Parking lot, to make a complaint about the new scratches, possibly left by the tow truck would be virtually impossible.

You should also check if anything disappeared from the car. If you find damage or missing valuables, immediately call the police and make a record.

If you left the car documents in the glove compartment of a car, you have to first go to the impound lot to get them out. Because without them GSPTS not give you permission to collect your vehicle. In the Parking lot you have to execute the act of opening, pick up the documents, then complete all the act of securing a car. Then you can go to the GSPTS and go through the whole procedure in full. It is worth remembering that Parking in the special Parking is not free. If the procedure drags on for several days, you will have to pay for the time that your car stayed under arrest.

Advice 2: Where the car was evacuated

Can't find your car in the place where it was parked, very scary. In such cases, there are only two options: either the car was stolen or, for whatever reasons, she was towed to the impound lot. The driver's task in such situations is to find out where is the car, and return it.
Where the car was evacuated
The search for the missing car need to be addressed as quickly as possible. First, the sooner you start looking, the sooner you will be able to return the car. Secondly, for storage of the car in the impound will have to pay, and the longer it will be there, the more money you'll have to make.First and foremost, call the police and ask whether your vehicle has been towed. If you are sure you parked in the right place and did not break any rules, there is a risk that the car was just stolen. The police will help you to understand the situation and find out what happened with the car. If he really was evacuated, you may request telephone number referral service, dealing with forced transport of the cars to the impound yard in your city. By the way, this phone you can read in advance and to record in a notebook or in your phone book on your cell phone.Call in help and find out where and on what basis was displaced your car. Note that in some cases, the controller can not immediately inform the information you need. You may have to wait until the tow truck takes your car to the impound lot. The fact is that sometimes you have to transport the machine across town, because the closest Parking lot is busy. Call until then, until you know exactly where your car is at the moment. Be sure to ask to dictate a phone number and address of the car pound, where you need to go.Call the provided number and ask whether your car was transported to the specified Parking fine. After the location of your vehicle, specify that you need to do to get him back. Note: if the documents remained in the cabin, be sure to report it to the impound yard, because without them to get the car back you can not.
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