The car has become an integral part of modern life. More there cars on the streets, the more accidents occur. Any driver knows that after an accident, after rendering first medical aid, it should call the inspector of traffic police on a place dorozhno-transport incident. But the accident, even minor, is stressful for any person and often, drivers forget how to act in order to call the inspector of traffic police at the scene.

If you have access to a landline phone, then you should contact traffic police through 02. If you have a mobile phone you can report an accident by dialing the emergency phone number 112 or 020.

Also, for each region, depending on the scene, there are additional phone numbers that you can call the traffic police to the accident scene. For example, in Moscow, depending on the administrative district should contact the following numbers:

• Northern AO: 482-08-49, 487-77-87, 452-30-86,.

• Western AO: 448-50-50, 439-35-10.

• The North-West, JSC: 499-39-44.

• South AO: 954-10-45, 113-80-88, 111-14-22.

• South East sa:, 911-09-36, 170-95-74, 178-61-88.

• Southwestern AO: 333-00-61.

• Northeastern AO: 903-09-62, 187-65-36, 971-22-88.

• Eastern AO: 166-78-77, 169-42-30, 166-43-30, 375-16-00.

• Central: 912-67-75, 236-41-36, 285-27-86, 246-66-44, 253-78-50, 264-14-55.

If your call is ignored and the inspector is long to come, typing 02 you can file a complaint or to check the telephone hotline of traffic police of the region in which you are.

If the accident happened in the place where no landline phone or access to it is difficult, and where there is no cellular coverage, you should stop a passing vehicle and ask them to report the incident to the nearest police post.

The traffic police can not call, and to come to the police post or police station by yourself, if the accident there are no victims, drivers at a mutual consent in the assessment of the accident made the scheme of incident and signed it.

It should also be remembered that, according to the law No. 40 on insurance, minor accident, when the sum of payments does not exceed 25 000 rubles, motorists do not have to call traffic police inspector at the scene of an accident, and you can complete the documents yourself.