You will need
  • - cell phone or any other phone;
  • - insurance policy manual.
The accident was inevitable. First thought: "Thank God, everything's alive!" The next thing to do is to call the inspector of traffic police on a place of accident. What do I need?
For those who have insurance, nothing to worry about - find the memo that you issued along with the policy, find the number of insurance companies and call.
You will answer answer. You need to select the menu item corresponding to the call of the emergency Commissioner. Inform about the complexity of the incident, name the address. All the necessary actions the Commissioner will do for you, call the DPS is the responsibility of the operator of the insurance company. Quietly sit and wait. For whenbeing in place, the insurance company will represent your interests.
However, if you have not issued the policy hull? Cell phone is at all, it dial 112 or 020, then click "Call". You some time to answer the operator. Ask him to connect with the traffic police, report the incident coordinates of the accident. The maximum waiting time of the inspector shall be not more than two hours, this is the case if there are no big traffic jams and major accidents.