If you saw your car the wrecker is prepared for collection, ask to put her in her place, you have every right to be. It will not save you from fines for Parking, however it is better to pay it at once, than to spend a lot of time to get car from an impound lot.
If you went outside and found his car, first type "02" and tell the operator on duty about the incident. Be sure to name the brand of the machine, its number and the time and place of the incident. When you call have ready a pen and notebook, because you will dictate the phone number of the evacuation.
Contact a towing service and ask where it was taken. You can visit the impound lot to make sure your vehicle is all right. Afterwards, you'll need to visit the special branch of traffic police to execute documents and get the box and receipt.
Be mentally prepared for the fact that the wrecker can't take your car to the nearest impound lot, and Parking at the other end of the city. While the car will be impounded and it will not execute under the existing legislation, any information on her whereabouts you get.
When you visit the DPS Department be prepared to show the inspector the passport, driving license and technical passport of the car. The employee of traffic police will issue you a decision of an administrative violation Protocol. You are required to pay a fine and repay administrative debts for 30 days from the date of issuance of the decision.
If you do the job in a day, you'll be able to do "little blood", but if you can pick up the car within 24 hours after its immediate evacuation, will have to pay for every hour of her stay at the impound. When finding cars in the impound lot for more than 6 months, the counter stops, but in this case, you will be able to get the car back only through the court.