The most common disease of the pancreas – pancreatitis (inflammation). It is of two types: acute and chronic. In acute pancreatitis need immediate medical assistance in the hospital. But chronic pancreatitis can be successfully treated at home.

Diet in diseases of the pancreas

A prerequisite for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis – a strict diet. During exacerbation of the inflammatory process (main symptom is pain in the left hypochondrium, often becoming surrounding) the first day it is better not to eat anything. You should drink cool boiled water or mineral water without gas – often, but little by little. You can also drink weak tea or broth hips.

On the second day you can start to eat also little and often. Excluded from the diet fried dishes, spicy and smoked, and canned products. It is also impossible to eat soups on the basis of concentrated broths. You can enter in your diet lean meat and fish in the form of steam cutlets, souffle, cereals, cooked in water, omelets, boiled, steamed or roasted vegetables, croutons of white bread. Resolved also cheese, dairy products, compotes and jellies from fruits and berries. This strict diet should be followed for a minimum period of one month.

Modern medicine against diseases of the pancreas

To alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of pancreatitis, take painkillers, type "Baralgin", "Paracetamol", "Diclofenac" and antispasmodics, for example, "no-Spa", "Spazmalgon". Antispasmodics are necessary, as the attack of pancreatitis is very often leads to a narrowing of the bile ducts. It is advisable to take them too long. If the pain and cramping began to get better after 5-7 days to refuse such drugs.

If the pancreatitis is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, can doctor's prescription to take medication "Motilium", "Reglan". It is also recommended to decrease the production of pancreatic enzymes with drugs "Pancreatin" or "Kreon". The duration of their appointment should be 1 month.

After a month of a strict diet, you can significantly expand your diet. However, you should minimize the consumption of alcohol (especially strong), and "heavy" of fatty foods. Try also to avoid hot spices. For the treatment of pancreatitis, you can use oatmeal. It is necessary to drink every morning.