Inflammation occurs in which the breast tissue is gradually replaced by fat or scar tissue. The most dangerous complications of pancreatitis cancer of the pancreas and diabetes.

Causes of pancreatitis

The main causes of inflammation of the pancreas – gallbladder disease and alcohol consumption. Also pancreatitis can develop as a result of diseases of the stomach, duodenum, tumor, trauma, parasitic infestation, ingestion of certain drugs.

Acute pancreatitis, in most cases, it starts after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or as a complication of mumps. Chronic pancreatitis is a consequence of regular overeating, abuse of fatty foods, gall bladder disease, autoimmune diseases. Reactive pancreatitis begins on the background of acute diseases of the organs of the digestive system.

Symptoms of pancreatitis

The characteristic symptom of acute pancreatitis is strong girdle pain, often in the left side. It can be felt as heart or kidney and is enhanced in the supine position. Taking any of antispasmodics and analgesics are ineffective. Differentiating symptom is increased pain after eating. Can disturb digestive disorders - vomiting, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, oily semi-liquid feces, hiccup. Sometimes there are hemorrhages in the skin, often in the umbilical region, yellowness of sclera and skin. In some cases the body temperature rises.

All these symptoms can be chronic and reactive pancreatitis. In the case of chronic disease is much less pronounced pain, but her character and the tendency to increase after taking food or alcohol left. Sometimes there are painless forms of pancreatitis, the digestive disorders are present. Any suspicion of pancreatitis should be checked for comprehensive diagnosis.

The treatment of pancreatitis

While the diagnosis is not made, it is advisable to self-medicate and do not take any medication. It is very important to establish the cause of pancreatitis. There are three main rules for the treatment of acute pancreatitis - cold, hunger and peace. The first three days after an acute attack required a complete rejection of food. Only water is allowed in unlimited quantities. After a starvation diet appointed n 5. For removing the swelling on the area of the pancreas put the bottle with ice. Bed rest is recommended to reduce the intensity of blood flow. For pain relief, using narcotic analgesics. Intravenous saline solutions, infusion of plasma, albumin.

In the future, when exacerbations prescribers metabolic actions lipotropics. Antibiotics are indicated in severe inflammation or abscess of the pancreas. When secretory insufficiency of the gland apply substitutive enzyme preparations, multivitamins. After removing the acute effects, for the prevention of exacerbation, recommended treatment in sanatoriums of the gastroenterological profile. Patients with chronic not shown to operate the impossibility to observe clear power mode.

Patients with chronic pancreatitis requires complete abstinence from alcohol, the restriction of marinades, canned foods, fatty and fried foods, strong broths. Recommended lean meats, poultry and fish, sour cream, cottage cheese, slimy oatmeal in the water, jelly and fruit drinks, broth hips. All products must be baked, cooked or steamed.

With the rapid development of the disease, severe chronic pain forms or the development of an abscess, surgical treatment of pancreatitis.