The mirror of the soul

It has long been the claim that the eyes can read everything that happens in the soul of man: his feelings, dishonesty or, on the contrary, sincerity. Therefore, a direct look in the eyes always means, above all, the openness of man. And can be opened only those who have nothing to hide, to be afraid or ashamed of anything.

Thus, when the girl looks into the eyes she has, most likely, one of these feelings. It should be noted that the concepts of fear, shame and secrecy here are not identical. To find out the cause of the problem, try to analyze the behavior of girls. Indeed, depending on the reasons and the need to choose the tactics of their actions, which can prevent ambiguity.

Personal experiences

First, remember that your girl is a complete person, and she has a personal life. In this personal life can be a lot of things you do not even know. So if your eyes look away, do not just look for problems in themselves or to imagine themselves a victim of infidelity.

If your relationship has not reached the necessary level of confidence, then the girl can be proud enough to disclose their feelings and the events of his personal life. Therefore, such a time may contribute to the consolidation of threads of trust. Try to ask the partner that she had, indirectly asking discreet questions, not to scare.

Look me in the eyes

This phrase is often used when one person is trying to find out if he tells the truth his interlocutor. If a girl says that she's okay, you should pay attention to other circumstances. Maybe you do cheat. It is very difficult to tell a man the truth and to look him in the eye. Psychologists say that this irresistible instinct comes from childhood: kids always close her hands when telling the truth.

If your suspicions are finding more evidence, it is necessary to talk to the girl, asking her direct questions. Hints you can hardly come up with anything in such a situation, and an open-ended question will dot the "I" as ways to retreat from it will not.

What scared the girl?

Your relationship began recently? No wonder, then, that your partner avoids direct views.

Girls are often embarrassed by their new Cavaliers close with them. Therefore, any hint on this very closeness, gives an inexplicable result. Remember that extended eye contact in romantic scenes of movies usually end with a kiss. Can such an outcome, and afraid of your girl, especially if she's an introvert and you haven't kissed yet. To rectify this situation straight talk would be a mistake. Extra words can take away the charm and romance at the beginning of the relationship. However, try by their actions to achieve trust, which will help the girl to open up.