Advice 1: Why girls are afraid to admit love to the man first

To follow the dictates of the heart, you need to have a certain courage, which is traditionally denied to girls. Besides, tradition says that the first about your feelings should tell the man. But sometimes it is necessary to break such a tradition.

Legitimate concerns

Girls are afraid to admit love, because men do not always adequately respond to such expression of feelings. Some men can in response to be rude or to laugh. Such reactions, of course, discourage the injured girl's desire to talk about their feelings. At least, coarse or inadequate response can open your eyes to the true nature of the object of adoration.

A man brought up in severity, after such confessions can dramatically change your attitude towards a brave girl, considering it immodest and frivolous, which may put an end to the development of relations. Stereotypical thinking often spoils the life. On the other hand, to develop a relationship with a person, whose thinking is broad-minded, does not always make sense.

Many girls are afraid to be the first to tell us about his love, since these words primarily speak about the vulnerability. And if the relationship did not work out, most girls begin to blame themselves for it and blame the wrong behavior. Although in advance, no way to predict what can be the reason for love failures.

It should be noted that if you really want to speak about their feelings because there are no forces to remain silent, you should not refuse from this idea. Of course, not in all cases is to start a conversation about love the first, but there are several uncertain situations for which the permit, you can take the risk.

The pros of determination

If you are mad at someone in love, and the object of your love does not see it and not paying any attention to you, a confession will allow him to look at you in a new way. If he reciprocate, you will be able to be proud of their courage. If his answer is negative, at least you won't have to suffer from obscurity.

Sometimes men are terribly shy and modest, and only women can make them come out of their shell and show their feelings. Usually relationships with such men accelerated after acceptance by the girls. Shy men after such recognition not afraid of failure and are disclosed with the best hand.

If you've been Dating a man, but he about your feelings, you do not say, do not despair, sometimes love is silent.

If you are a shy person, choose the form of recognition that will be comfortable for you. You can always write a letter or even a text if it is acceptable to you. Express your feelings in writing is always a little easier.

Advice 2: How to tell the man about love

Men do not always dare to say out loud about their feelings. It largely depends on upbringing and character. If you meet a man, but he confesses to you in love, you can take the initiative and tell him about your feelings first. The main thing here is to select the appropriate setting and time for confession.
How to tell the man about love
If you are still wondering whether or not the first to confess love, consider what you are losing. This situation has only two choices - either the man will answer you in return, or he will say he does not feel to you to love. In the second case, you will not lose as know exactly whether you should spend your time on a man who is indifferent to you.
If you are going to admit love to the man, better not to think in advance how it will happen, not making long speeches, do not build the action plan. You'll see, the situation will still be different, and the right words will be forgotten excitement. The main thing - to tune in the confession and decide what feelings it should be done. After recognition can carry a lot of emotions and feelings: tenderness, sadness, happiness, excitement, passion, etc. That you want to convey to your man? That is something to think about before you open your heart.
Environment recognition plays an important role. It is better to avoid crowded places, if you are going to open up about his feelings. Nothing should distract you from communicating with each other. Print a man in a Frank conversation. Take moment and tell him about your love. A good place for the recognition of parks and squares, cozy cafes and restaurants. What matters is that moment of recognition you not hurt anybody.
If you can not dare to say words of love, as planned, there is another option - suddenly stun a man with its recognition. So to speak, to give vent to my feelings "in a forehead". However the reaction of men can be very unpredictable. There is also an important point of emotion your words. Do not demand reciprocity, confessing his love. Your goal is to talk about their feelings, that person you truly love, not to bind him to her by force.
If you are struggling with words to Express their feelings, we can try to Express them on paper in the form of a letter or poem. No man will not be indifferent to such recognition, written from the heart. If the choice and will not answer you in return, rest assured you will leave a mark in his heart forever.
Confess your loveif you really feel for man 's strong feelings. Who does not risk does not drink champagne. It is not excluded that remaining silent about his feelings, you will greatly regret it later. As is known, each man is the architect of his own happiness. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, love is not ashamed, to admit it even more. Only love empowers the individual, makes it better and cleaner, so don't hide your feelings and be happy!

Advice 3: Why does a man not answering his texts

All your SMS messages beloved man responds with cold silence. As a woman should be treated like ignore? What are the main reasons to induce him to stop responding to your messages?
Why does a man not answering his texts

When the beloved does not respond to the message, first and foremost don't panic and make hasty conclusions. Perhaps your text came to his phone or he has not had time to read it. It is not excluded that your choice are very busy and simply has no time to write a response or call back. Exercise patience and composure. Wait for some time.

But if after a sufficient time he didn't answer, no need to blame yourself and to convince that he stopped loving you. Suddenly he fell serious problems that require immediate action, or is he sick, tired, asleep?

The best way to find out why he is silent to give him a call. Don't be afraid to make the first move. Remember that you cannot just throw your favorite people. Sometimes you have to step over their own pride and act for the sake of the Union. Sometimes young people do not respond to text women, when you want to make sure the strength of her feelings. Especially when before she rarely called him and practically clarify the initiative in the relationship.

Usually it quickly relieves the tension and clarifies all the urgent problems. But how to act if it does not respond not only on messages but also on phone calls?

Of course, a man may deliberately ignore your messages and calls if he is offended, slighted, hurt to live. Remember, not causing him pain in the past few days? In addition, he could learn from friends or otherwise of any lies on your part and decided to remain silent. In this situation, it is best to write a sincere message in which you want to Express your feelings, to ask forgiveness. And then you will just have to wait for his reaction.

Probably your relationship lately was not the best way, maybe he got tired of them and wanted to make a temporary time-out to test their and your feelings. Give him the opportunity. He is sure he will be in touch when you understand what you really need.

If the young man stopped responding to calls and texts and is completely gone from your life, do not despair. Gentlemen in this way do not finish the relationship, so such a man is unworthy feelings and tears.

Advice 4: How to get a man to confess his love

Men are amazing creatures; they can love a woman but never say a word to her that I love her. It is therefore important to know how to get a man to confess his love if he does not hurry with this.
How to get a man to confess his love
In relations between a man and a woman, there are often situations when one side expects the other to some action or words, and the other somehow does not or does not say that. So it is in the moments when a woman loves her man, and he never says he too loves her. What to do in this situation?
The main thing – not to despair, but to take everything under their own control. After all, you do not know, why he does not want to admit love. Maybe he's shy or thinks that you enough that he always you that gives and invites to Dating, and maybe his parents never say they love each other. Here are some tips that will help you "talk" with the man, so he finally said he loves you.
Consider how responsive your man, if you say you love him. If he looks away then, most likely, just shy of these words. If your confessions man as if nothing had happened continues to do something of their own, the cheerleaders - it can be a sign of indifference to your feelings.
Seeing his reaction, decide what you'd better do to he admitted to love. If he's shy or he's in the family just not customary to talk about love, it is better to ask him to speak about love to you in response to their own recognition. That is openly tell the man that you want to hear him say the words "I love you" because it is important for you to know that for sure. Just do not try to do it on people, it is better to share words of love alone.
If your question is about if he loves you, the man says "Yes" or something like that, you can invite friends and play some games like phantom. And when it comes his turn, say that he admitted the beautiful words you love.
There are situations when it is unclear you love the man or not. Then we can go on radical measures. Deliver a tough ultimatum: either he confesses to you in love, or you break up. If he agrees with the second option, then do not regret about ending a relationship, he just doesn't like you.
In some cases, can help other ways. For example, you can talk with a close friend and ask what your man tells him about you. You can also ask a friend hinted to your man that it is time to confess to you in love. If you have a good relationship with his mom, you can ask her about it.
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