Legitimate concerns

Girls are afraid to admit love, because men do not always adequately respond to such expression of feelings. Some men can in response to be rude or to laugh. Such reactions, of course, discourage the injured girl's desire to talk about their feelings. At least, coarse or inadequate response can open your eyes to the true nature of the object of adoration.

A man brought up in severity, after such confessions can dramatically change your attitude towards a brave girl, considering it immodest and frivolous, which may put an end to the development of relations. Stereotypical thinking often spoils the life. On the other hand, to develop a relationship with a person, whose thinking is broad-minded, does not always make sense.

Many girls are afraid to be the first to tell us about his love, since these words primarily speak about the vulnerability. And if the relationship did not work out, most girls begin to blame themselves for it and blame the wrong behavior. Although in advance, no way to predict what can be the reason for love failures.

It should be noted that if you really want to speak about their feelings because there are no forces to remain silent, you should not refuse from this idea. Of course, not in all cases is to start a conversation about love the first, but there are several uncertain situations for which the permit, you can take the risk.

The pros of determination

If you are mad at someone in love, and the object of your love does not see it and not paying any attention to you, a confession will allow him to look at you in a new way. If he reciprocate, you will be able to be proud of their courage. If his answer is negative, at least you won't have to suffer from obscurity.

Sometimes men are terribly shy and modest, and only women can make them come out of their shell and show their feelings. Usually relationships with such men accelerated after acceptance by the girls. Shy men after such recognition not afraid of failure and are disclosed with the best hand.

If you've been Dating a man, but he about your feelings, you do not say, do not despair, sometimes love is silent.

If you are a shy person, choose the form of recognition that will be comfortable for you. You can always write a letter or even a text if it is acceptable to you. Express your feelings in writing is always a little easier.