The eye is not only the organ of vision. They are the right person for the transmission of information. With others it can communicate without words, using sight.

Its impact is determined by the duration, the degree of expansion of the eyelids, squinting. Exchanging views, sharing each other feelings and emotions. Look to cuddle and to push, to elevate or to destroy.


Eye contact indicates openness of man, his readiness for acquaintance and further communication. This is enough for a moment to meet eyes.

According to psychologists, the duration of view is of great importance for communication between people. If the person immediately looks away, he's not ready for any relationship. Mutual interest quickly extinguished.

Close viewing may cause protests and counter-aggression. It is especially not men like. They perceive this view as a challenge.

To establish a good relationship during a conversation often need to meet with someone eyes. He needs to see a sincere interest.

Take eye

Is the expression "wolf eyes". When someone looks in focus, not averting his eyes.

Looking at you picture, product in store, animals at the zoo. People can not watch intently. Otherwise people will decide that he is despised or ignored.

This technique is often used by the holders of a cold look, showing a deliberate and polite inattention. However, they wrinkle their forehead and pursed lips.


Cool look for hiding people who are not interested in other people's problems. They are protected from strong emotions. Strongly guarded by his peace.

Sometimes the impression people are outgoing. But their sociability imaginary surface. They keep their distance.

Tell us a little about yourself. Don't share experiences. Others are afraid to seem ridiculous and weak.

Cool people don't do compliments. Constantly criticize others. Try to be the best in everything and always.

Rarely and kept smiling. Don't like being touched. They have enemies more than friends. They have little trust.

Sometimes being the cool man comfortable. It is easier to win the contract. He is progressing faster up the career ladder. Devoid of emotion, used to getting his way.

The game of hide and seek

Some cold glance learn especially. These people are hiding their true feelings under a mask of indifference.

In this case a cool look means that the person is driven by fear. Having suffered a series of setbacks in his personal life, he avoids new affection and frustration. The cold look hides a sensitive soul.

A man voluntarily condemns himself to loneliness. However, it can change if you want.