Why eyes can Express what the soul of man

Vision is the most important of the senses given to man by nature. With its help people get about 80% of all information coming from the outside. Eyes provide an opportunity to explore the world. Therefore, this visual on and unwittingly expresses a person's mood, and even his hidden thoughts. If he is happy, if he is overcome with positive emotions, it is immediately reflected in his eyes, they "sparkled".
No wonder they say, for example, that the lovers happy eyes.

Conversely, if the person is dissatisfied with something, the more angry, his eyes immediately become cold, thorny, evil. And when he was very wroth, his eyes and even begin to "throw sparks". Here it is without words all is clear.
Hence the expression radiant look.

Some people probably heard this phrase: "Smiling eyes". It may seem strange, even absurd. Well, unless the eyes smile? However, a person can at a glance to Express to another person his sympathy, to show interest. Not accidentally, many of love begins with the fact that the couple accidentally met eyes.

People with good, "shining" eyes inadvertently creates around itself a warm, benevolent aura. To him instinctively will reach out to other people. Such a person is friendly, he is responsive.

If the eyes of the man, something clouded, "glass", it means that either he has serious problems, forcing to forget about reality, or he was shutting her out, not wanting anyone to open their souls. This view may also indicate that the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, inhibiting the reaction.

Can the human eye lie

Skeptics may argue that many people are good at hiding your emotions! May, for example, a man seemingly happy, and he "cat scratch". However, if the fun human affectation, his eyes in 99% of cases will remain sad. And it will not pass by an attentive observer.

Similarly, people can somehow pretend to be dissatisfied, angry. But the merry sparkle in his eyes to explain what this resentment is not. You can fool with words, facial expressions, but to deceive the eyes immeasurably harder. That is why we can safely agree with the statement that the eyes are the mirror of the soul.