Fear of unplanned pregnancy

Situation expecting a child with a man you don't want or which are of uncertain relationship, for women is associated with high levels of stress. As an example, the actual horror would be the situation when the message about the pregnancy, the man reacts negatively.

Fear of the disease

Almost all women have a great fear of illness and the fact that you can get sick by someone close to the people. This theme was also developed by the American society of women's health, which found that a large number of women (exactly 22%) are horrified by the risk of cancer.

Fear of losing partner

One of the problems that women face is a great compliment to men, because women have a horror because of the risk of losing a loved one. Women say that this fear is bothering them throughout their entire adult lives and they never fully believe in the love partner.

Fear of loss of attractiveness

This problem goes hand in hand with the "horror" of aging. That's why most women suffer from cellulite, double chin and sagging Breasts.

Fear of excess weight

Every woman can do to get closer to the ideal parameters of the models from magazines. But while some are beginning to take reasonable measures for the formation or preservation of perfect proportions, others believe the miraculous tablets, amulets for weight loss and similar "highly effective" methods.