Learn to accept yourself for who you are. Shyness associated with self-doubt. This may relate to their appearance or inability interesting to talk to. Fixated on the complexes that you think that everyone is paying attention to it. In fact, when dealing with people you can't even see why you hesitate. They are more passionate about their own systems.
Do not dream that you think about other. You can think the thoughts of the people, their opinion of you, to come up with condemnation, ridicule, and in fact it is not. Don't draw the monsters in the dark, because you do not know their true thoughts. In fact, few people will remember your missteps or laugh at awkward phrase.
Communicate more. Your shyness is caused by lack of experience, so you can exercise, talk to people not just in your usual environment, but also with others. You can start with chatting on the forums or social networks. Online you can reread the sentence, to consider how better to say, and if the answer is nothing – just send a smiley face. When communication on the Internet will not enter you into a panic, you will be able to stop being shy guys and in reality.
Work on your weaknesses. If you can't get out of head complexes, try to get rid of their weaknesses. Most often girls are confused by the appearance and lack of confidence in their own attractiveness. A sober look at yourself in the mirror and find attractive features. In each person they are, so now every morning look in the mirror, focus on their strengths, this will help to feel more confident. Try to hide the flaws: clothes, cosmetics, hair.
Confusion can appear because you have nothing to say. The reason may lie in the small horizons that should be expanded. It is difficult to communicate with the guy on the topics you usually discuss with my friends. So try to learn more things about which to talk with the young man. Not necessarily memorize the information about cars or football, if you are not interested, but you can find topics that interesting you and the boys.