What are the consequences of a low count

A small amount of sperm in men is the main reason why a couple cannot conceive a child. This problem is becoming more common. According to the world health organization, every tenth couple is unable to conceive a child, and it is twice more than a few decades ago. A low count is not fatal problem because the man in this case still able to conceive a child, since it is enough even a single sperm. But the smaller the number, the less likely you are to get pregnant.
The conception also affects the quality factor and the motility of the sperm.

Methods of increasing sperm count

You need more and more sex. This is the simplest way to increase the sperm count. Their number, daily sex will increase by an average of 50-90 million will Also increase not only the quantity but also the quality, thus increase the likelihood of conception.

You should always stay cool. At high temperatures, the sperm pretty quickly weakened, their performance slows down sharply. Also, doctors are advised not to use tight underwear, not wearing tight pants, to abandon the use of water beds and electric blankets.

At least once a day you must exercise, massage, shaking eggs or kneading the lumbar region. All these procedures improve blood circulation in the genital area that will contribute to the production of sperm and increasing their motility. Excessive activity during the day never hurts.

You can not keep the laptop on his lap. Radiation and heat that is emitted during operation of the computer, combined with the crossed knees, harm the proper development of sperm.
According to recent research scientists, mobile phone, which lay in the same pants pocket for more than 4 hours, can also adversely affect the production of sperm.

Proper nutrition

Scientists advise men to eat properly, not abusing alcohol, do not smoke and lead an active lifestyle. You should be able to define your life priorities in order about some of the actions do not have to spare. By following these simple rules, any man can almost completely forget about the loss of functionality of sperm. You must include in your diet more vegetables and fruits. More highly nutritionists recommend eating vegetables that contain glutathione is a special antioxidant that improves the quality and quantity of sperm. Vegetables such concerns, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and asparagus. Also on sale are special supplements, minerals and vitamins which is perfectly matched for men's health.