Advice 1: In what position to get pregnant quickly

Pregnancy is possible at any position, if you have sex without protection. But the probability of conception depends on many factors, including what the position of the woman during sexual intercourse. There are poses that are more suitable for pregnancy and less suitable.
In what position to get pregnant quickly
The selection of the suitable positions for conception based more on physical laws than on medical research. The basic rule is that the pose should provide a deep insight of the greatest number of sperm, which increases the probability of fertilization. It is therefore desirable to avoid positions where the woman is standing or the top, as in this situation the semen flowing from the vagina and the chances of pregnancy are reduced.

Due to the fact that all people have a different structure of internal organs, as well as height and weight, a universal posture that guarantees the appearance of the child, does not exist. Couples just need to find a position in which it is most convenient, and where most often the orgasm occurs simultaneously in both partners.
It is proved that the strong contractions of the uterus during the female orgasm play a significant role in the occurrence of pregnancy.

Missionary position

This classic version was recommended for conception in medical treatises of Ancient India. It said that when the woman lies on her back and man on top of her, face to face, all the organs are arranged harmoniously, the body is in equilibrium and the probability of conception is highest.
This position for conception is not suitable for women with a tilted uterus, so it is advisable to consult with your doctor of female consultation to learn whether you have such features of the structure of the genital organs.

To further increase your chances of conception, the woman can bend the knees and pull them towards the stomach, or lift up, throwing it on the shoulders of the man. This increases the contact of the penis with the cervix and provides the deep penetration of sperm.

The knee-elbow posture

This position is also called the "man behind". The woman is on all fours, leaning on elbows and knees, and the man is behind her. This pose is suitable for women with any location of the internal organs, as the probability of conception is increased due to the fact that the uterus is below the vagina.

Additional fast ways to get pregnant

Have sex regularly, at least 2 - 3 times a week, increasing the number in the period of ovulation. The best time for conception – the second half of the day, it was during this period of sperm activity maximum.
After sex, lie down for 15 – 20 minutes quietly, lifting my feet up or tucked under the buttocks pillow.

Advice 2: What positions increase the probability of conception in the bend of the uterus

When you're ready for the most happy moment of your family life, namely the birth of a child, take care of all the little things, because often they are of great importance: walk more, drink green tea instead of coffee. Is important the choice of optimal postures during lovemaking. If her choice should be approached neither from the point of view of proper or mandatory, and with the opportunity to diversify the sexual relationship.
What positions increase the probability of conception in the bend of the uterus
If tilted uterus is a special way to approach the choice of poses for conception. The most optimal are: missionary, "doggie-style".
Missionary position is traditional. The woman lies on her back, her legs should be spread apart and slightly prosohnut to feet on the surface. The man lies over her, leaning on his elbows and knees. In this position the member penetrates deeply into the vagina bringing the sperm closer to the uterus. Doctors recommend to use this position for conception if there are deviations of the uterus forward.
For variety it can be modified, thus changing the angle of penetration and the sensations. For example, a woman remains in the same position as in the traditional missionary position, and the man makes support on straight arms. This option may be suitable for women with a certain tilted cervix.
Another variation of this posture. The woman lies on her back and her legs on the shoulders of the partner. In this position the member into the vagina as deeply as possible.
"Doggie-style" - a woman stands legs spread, leaning on her hands and knees, a man behind her. It is often called the "pose of cancer". In this position occurs in a special massage the point G. According to doctors it is an excellent option for conception with a tilted cervix.
One variety of "doggie-style" is the knee-elbow posture. In this case, the woman relies on knees and elbows, arching your back so that the pelvis was as high as possible. This position provides deep penetration and is perfect when tilted uterus back.
Another option is the "side-lying". In this position the active role goes to the man. Partners lie on your side. There are several options: the legs both can be bent at the knees, straight or a woman can lift one leg up, as well as partner can lie down with legs bent, and the man is straight. It all depends on personal characteristics of the organism, because small changes in position changes the angle of insertion of the penis into the vagina.
“lying on your side”
The time of conception should be in the ovulation period. It should be noted that in addition to the choice of poses you need to select and time. A woman should not experience stress, you may prefer the period before bedtime as after intercourse, it is not recommended to get. The minimum time is 10-20 minutes. While the missionary position is best at the end of the act of a woman standing in a pose "birch", lifting her legs high up, with the "knee-elbow" or "doggie-style" you need to lie on your stomach - this will facilitate the movement of sperm to the uterus, conception will be more likely.

Advice 3: In what positions can I get pregnant

Many believe that the "formula" of pregnancy is simple enough to do with a man having sex without using protection. But not always this is enough. To increase the possibility of conception and get pregnant quickly, you need to know what poses are best suited for this purpose.
In what positions can I get pregnant
In the process of lovemaking should be position, not allowing the sperm to flow out. In addition, task good and quick fertilization is that the sperm had a better chance to fertilize the egg. Of course, that the pose of "woman on top" is excluded, since it reduces all the chances to fulfill their direct duty to the sperm.
So, what posture is to emphasize to quickly get pregnant? In principle, any suitable position at which the ejaculating sperm can easily fall into the uterus towards the egg. Not excluded, and other provisions, but immediately before the actual ejaculation it is advisable to change it with the one in which the male member and the uterus is maximally converging that will significantly increase the chances of conception.
The best position for fertilization - classical, or "missionary" ("man on top"). To have sex in this position for conception prescribes another medical treatise of Ancient India - "Charaka-Samhita". It was written that when a woman takes into its fold the male semen, lying on the back, all the organs are positioned correctly.
In this position, the woman lies on her back and her partner are on top. The woman can tighten the legs to the stomach or bend them, which ensures better contact of the male sperm with the cervix. In addition, the partner can put a man on the shoulders of one or both feet, cross them on his back. This position is recommended for most women except those who have a tilted uterus.
Another pose for bistrogo conception - the "knee-elbow" ("the man behind"). So having sex animals. In this position, the woman leans back on his arms and kneels, her partner is back. In addition, a woman may lie face down, and a man should raise her legs up to the level of his waist or shoulders. In this position can have sex nearly all women, including those who have a tilted uterus.
If a woman has an inflamed ovaries, the uterus may be turned slightly to the side. In this case, you should select a suitable position for conception, in which the partner needs to lie on his side where the rotated uterus. In that case, if the uterus is positioned normally, below the buttocks, you can put a small pillow against his chest, the knees and lift the legs.
Useful advice
To get pregnant faster, better zanimaetsya sex in about a day. A particularly favorable time for conception - for 4-5 days before ovulation and 1 day after. Best time of day to have sex - around 5 PM, because at this time, the spermatozoa show increased activity.

Advice 4: How fast to get pregnant

It is difficult to imagine a full and happy family without children. But some women cannot quick and easy to get pregnanteven if the doctors did not find deviations in health. To quickly have offspring, should exclude the impact of negative factors on partners and less nervous, as well as a several tricks.
How fast to get pregnant
First recommendation should be given to the man, as successful conception depends not only on partner. It's time to pull myself together and at least temporarily to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages and Smoking. Alcohol negatively affects sperm become inactive. And the health of the unborn child, this fact can act negatively. Wear airy pants, less sedentary work, do not overheat and do not SuperCool the groin area (do not visit baths and swimming pools). From overheating killed the part of sperm, so getting pregnant in this case will not work quickly. And try not to cause women negative emotions, since stress can affect ovulation.
And now, the recommendations for women. As in the case of the strong sex, the attitude to the conception must be responsible. No alcohol and Smoking. Nicotine kills eggs. A healthy lifestyle should also include proper nutrition. In the women's diet needs to be vegetables, seafood and fruit. Food should be rich in vitamin E and A, folic acid. Try to sleep, sleep should be not less than eight hours a day.
Vacation is the most favorable time for conception. Drop everything and immediately go to the warm coast. Clean air and a pleasant atmosphere will help you to quickly get pregnant. A woman should be able to assume favorable days for conception. To determine the onset of ovulation with help of special tests that are sold in the pharmacy, taking the schedule of basal temperature. If your cycle is 28 days, ovulation occurs approximately on day 14 (all have individual differences).
Limit the intake of medications, including antihistamines, antibiotics and analgesics because they inhibit the maturation of oocytes. Do not use during sex purchase lube as it kills sperm. After intercourse it is recommended to lie on your back for fifteen minutes, during which time the sperm will be able to approach the cervix.

Advice 5: What day can I get pregnant

A woman's body works like a perfect, well-oiled machine. On certain days increases the likelihood of pregnancy also there are periods when conception is impossible.
What day can I get pregnant

How pregnancy occurs

Every month a woman's body Matures one egg. It develops in one of the ovaries about 10-13 days, and then, within 24-48 hours, moves to the fallopian tube leading to the uterus. This process is called ovulation. During ovulation, the body prepares for possible pregnancy in the uterus formed a new mucous membrane, produce specific hormones. The egg remains in the fallopian tube for about a day. If during this period it will unite with a sperm, pregnancy. Otherwise the egg dies and some time later removed from the body with the blood and of the uterine lining - menstruation occurs. Thus, it is possible to get pregnant only at certain times associated with ovulation.

What days can I get pregnant

The number of days between the beginning of menstruation is called menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs approximately in the middle. The duration of the menstrual cycle for each individual woman, so the time of ovulation need to count yourself. In a healthy organism pregnancy can occur in the period of ovulation and a maximum of 5 days before it. After the release of the egg from the fallopian tube, the possibility of pregnancy is minimal, but a tiny percentage of probability is preserved. The remaining time before the onset of menstruation is considered day natural protection.
A woman's cycle depends on many factors, it can stray and change its duration. Therefore, we should not abandon protection in the days of natural contraception if you are not planning to have a baby.

How to determine the onset of ovulation

The most common method is the basal temperature measurement. Must carry out the procedure every day closer to the middle of the cycle. The day of ovulation, the temperature decreases slightly, and immediately thereafter sharply increases.
Basal temperature is measured immediately after waking, before getting out of bed. For accurate results, sleep at least 5 hours and not drink alcohol.

You can also focus on subjective experience. During ovulation may be a little sick to your stomach, and increases sexual desire. The number of natural secretions increases and increases their viscosity. Recently become widespread ovulation test - sold in the pharmacy and have a high level of confidence. But the most accurate way is ultrasound monitoring: within several days the doctor is watching the maturation of the egg and can clearly identify the moment of ovulation.

Advice 6: How fast to get pregnant the first time

Before you plan pregnancy, it is necessary to pass survey at the gynecologist and to pass all the necessary tests. To maximize the possibility of conception, should determine the day of ovulation with the aid of special test strips and concentrate on sex with the second half.
How fast to get pregnant the first time?
You will need
  • The test for determining the start of ovulation, prenatal vitamins
Before trying to become pregnant, be sure to undergo a medical examination. Consult your gynecologist about taking prenatal vitamins significantly reduces the risk of neural tube defects of the fetus due to the high content of folic acid. Propene rate of nutrients before beginning trying to conceive a baby.
Determine a day "x", the most effective for conception. We are talking about the beginning of ovulation, which usually occurs in mid-menstrual cycle. Note that the release of an egg from the ovary – it is purely individual, so to significantly increase the chances of pregnancy, use a special medical kits. It may be test strips, a tablet and ink-jet tests, which allow to accurately determine the "point of reference".
Ovulation is the best time to focus on sex. Do not waste your strength on the selection of the "right key", just do it. There are myths about favorable positions for a successful fertilization, but no significant evidence that the standard missionary position most suitable for the conception than the pose of "horsewoman" in which the woman is on top, does not exist. Note, however, that women with a tilted uterus, should be particularly scrupulous approach to the issue.
Immediately after intercourse, take a horizontal position and stay in it for about 5-10 minutes to cum probably hit the cervix. While it is not necessary to lift both legs up - position of the pelvis it does not change.
Do not overdo sex during ovulation, since frequent ejaculation "value" of sperm is reduced. Making love each night in the fertile time, you twice increase your chances of successful conception because the sperm can stay active for about 72 hours. If you prefer more frequent sexual acts, pre-ask your partner to take the semen analysis, which will determine the level of its activity.
Don't get carried away with excessive exercise, it can have a negative impact on the ovulation process. The best option is a healthy pastime - a half-hour aerobic exercises, for example Jogging or walking, in combination with proper nutrition.
Positive mood – the key to success. Stress associated with trying to conceive a baby, can have a detrimental effect on ovulation. In addition, it can cause in men the fear of possible failure and, consequently, sexual dysfunction. Use any possible ways to relax without harm for health.
Antibiotics while planning for pregnancy is contraindicated. The same can be said about antihistamine medicines, knocking the ovulation cycle. During intercourse, do not use lubricants, as they create unfavorable for sperm environment.
Useful advice
Please note that while taking oral contraceptives ovaries "rest", and therefore, ovulation does not occur. However, after the termination of the course they begin to work with double force. This means that the chances of getting pregnant with the first time is great.
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