You will need
  • - dandelion;
  • - green wheat;
  • - milk Thistle;
  • - beets.
Observe animals. If the cat began to eat less food than usual, have it for a few days regularly, sometimes diarrhea or vomiting, swollen belly, and her eyes and ears on the inside wall has acquired a yellow tint, so he indeed had liver disease.
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Use to treat pet dandelion. This plant has a strong cleansing effect, contributing including the elimination of toxins from the liver. Unlike fresh flowers, dandelion capsules are commercially available, more convenient to use. Serve the cat on propaly means once a day.
как определить лишай у кота фото
Vigorously potarite right flank of the animal in the zone of the last three ribs for 15 seconds only once during the day. This massage promotes the excretion from the bloodstream harmful substances and improves the flow of lymph.
Как у собак выглядит лишай
The herb milk Thistle will protect a wounded body from toxins and will help him to generate new cells. Teaspoon chopped herbs pour half Cup of boiling water and let it brew . After straining the infusion can be fed to an animal. Good for the liver, the green of the barley and wheat.
лечение печени у кошки
Follow the eating pet, not to hurt him. In many modern feeds, standing on the shelves, contains a lot of preservatives, colorings and flavorings. All these ingredients create the liver additional load. Carefully select and balance feed homemade food. Serve your cat a quarter teaspoon grated beetroot a day to remove toxins from the body. After five days of treatment make a break, because the root is a strong natural remedy.
распухшее ухо у кота
Treat the pet, giving him each day a teaspoon of raw lamb liver. The enzymes contained in it promote cell regeneration. However, do not forget to consult about this with your veterinarian to accurately determine the dosage and see if there is contraindications to receive all of the above tools and products.