You will need
  • water;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • the syringe;
  • - purgative salts;
  • - diuretic drugs;
  • - flax seed or potato starch.
First induce vomiting in an animal. To do this, carefully pour the cat in his mouth a large quantity of water using a syringe. Try to do everything carefully so as not to scare the pet. Also, do not interfere and enema, because some of the toxic compounds quickly enter the intestine.
лечение кота при отравлении
Try to figure out what the animal ate. After that, head to the vet. The doctor will examine your cat, take tests and prescribe drugs or antidotes, or sorbents.
восстановление печени у котенка после отравления
If you can't bring an animal to the doctor, then carefully monitor his progress. In the first days do not feed the cat anything. Pour clean water into the bowl, which, if necessary, add a little potassium permanganate.
липидоз почек у кошек как лечить
Give to your pet laxatives salt, "Magnesia". On average, one time only need 3-5 g per 30 ml of water. The solution is bitter, so the cat can resist. Salt laxatives to cleanse the intestines of the animal from toxic substances.
пищевое отравление собаки
Brew flax seeds: in a glass of boiling water 1 tablespoon. Pour the cat in the throat with 20 ml of 4 times a day. Flax seed has a shielding effect and a positive effect on the stomach and intestines. If you don't have the seed, make the jelly of starch, but no sugar added. It has the same properties.
собаку стошнило водой
Let the cat diuretics, if the background of the poisoning he bad working kidney. Suitable, for example, "Diuretin", "Diacarb" or "Regit". Observe whether the cat goes to the toilet. If the diuretic effect has not followed, immediately contact your veterinarian.
Gradually begin to give the cat dairy products, but dry food is better to refuse. Also suitable for mashed potatoes, lean minced in minced chicken and various soups.