The gag reflex that occurs in cats may be due to different reasons. Most often, vomiting is a physiological process when the cat spits up his coat. Cats clean animals, they constantly lick their fur. Because of this, their stomachs accumulate a tangle of hair, which owing to those or other reasons are not digested and not digested. Usually this manifests itself in long-haired cats.
If the cat vomits even after his usual food, it may indicate the presence of animal diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract: pancreatitis, gastritis, hepatitis, intestinal obstruction. Vomiting also appears in the presence of chronic kidney disease (kidney stones, renal failure). The cat will tear, if he caught any disease of an infectious nature (feline distemper, viral peritonitis, calicivirus infection cats, etc.).
Sometimes cats cause a gag reflex on their own, if possible, eating some grass. This allows them to clean your stomach and worry in this case is not necessary. By the way, often retching occur in cats after ingestion them large pieces of food or drinking cold foods. Usually to worry in such cases is not worth it.
If the cause of the vomiting in cat are the physiological processes of regurgitation of wool, to sound the alarm and to go to the vet makes no sense. To facilitate vomiting in this case, a special weed with no name, purchased at a pet store. Grass captures cat hair, greatly speeding up its excretion from the body pet. You can use special veterinary toothpaste, dissolving wool in the gastrointestinal tract of the pet.
If vomiting in a cat is frequent and repeated process, it is necessary to quickly contact your veterinarian. Medical intervention will be required if the cat vomits more than a day. In this case, the veterinarian will do blood chemistry of the animal and send the cat to x-ray and ultrasound. Sometimes cats can vomit when they have a helminth infection. In this case, can not do without preventive care: your pet should be 2 times a year to give anthelmintic drugs.
As mentioned above, often the cause of vomiting in cats can be infected by one or another infectious disease. In this case, the owner of the cat urgently needed to go to the vet, because only a qualified specialist can make an accurate diagnosis. In addition, persistent vomiting can be caused by a foreign object caught in the stomach or the esophagus pet. In this case, you must also make an x-ray, and then to take appropriate measures to address this problem.
Medical advice with vomiting in cats. You need to put the animal on a diet. The cat should not be eating from 12 to 24 hours. To prevent dehydration, the cat need to drink. Can be purchased at the pharmacy "Regidron" - a drug used for the correction of electrolyte and energy balance in the human body and animal. It is recommended to give cats antiemetic drug "Reglan".
If you throw the cat, it is recommended to treat the animal antispasmodic ("no-Spa", "Papaverine"), used in the form of intramuscular injections. Shown and taking medications to protect the mucous membrane of the stomach of the animal. These include "Omez" and other gastroprotectia.