The reason for going to the doctor should be the situation when the nausea your pet does not stop more than one day. The vet will identify the cause of the vomiting and prescribe treatment. If the dog picked up the infection, he will have to give special antiviral drugs and apply symptomatic therapy.If the dog was poisoned, then in the use of antiemetics no sense, on the contrary, you need to quickly rid your body of toxins, and this is possible by cleansing the stomach and intestines. To prevent dehydration, let the animal solutions of glucose or sodium chloride, "Regidron. Against intoxication will help to use adsorbents" and a homeopathic remedy "Nux vomica". Also required starvation diet for 24 hours. During this period, do not let your pet have let his stomach rest. As a rule, dogs and themselves refuse food when they are sick. But drinking, on the contrary, necessary. If the dog doesn't drink water, you can offer him to chew pieces of ice. Dogs usually enjoy doing it.After fasting, do not put the right dog on a regular diet. Let's pet a low-calorie food in small portions. Make sure he ate slowly, not to swallow portions at once. This will help the tennis ball – put it in the bowl, the dog will have to push the ball to get to the food. Thus, to absorb the products it will be slower.Helps to deal with nausea and vomiting that are not caused by serious reasons, the drug is "Bismuth". It is sold in pharmacies and coats the stomach wall, reducing its inflammation. This medication is safe for dogs. But learn that "Bismuth contains aspirin, which is harmful to cats.In order not to provoke nausea in dogs, it is necessary to feed them warm and fresh food. It happens that rips animals from the cheap dry food that does not suit them. In this case, it is necessary to revise the diet. If the dog vomits in the car, then you need to change your driving style to your pet is not rocking: drive the vehicle more smoothly, without jerks, at a lower speed.Sometimes dog specially eat grass (sedge) to their sick. So they clean your stomach, this is completely normal. Every thoughtful owner needs to carefully observe your pet and be able to understand, going on with his dog something bad or is she just in a natural way responds to certain situations and stimuli.