Advice 1: How to take Valerian

Valerian – known and long used in medicine tool that is used to treat certain diseases related to the cardiovascular and nervous system, and to relieve spasms in the gastrointestinal tract. For the preparation of different extracts, infusions and tinctures, and also pills, pharmacists use the root of the plant, which is a significant number of minerals, acids and essential oils.
How to take Valerian
Before taking Valerian, carefully read the annotation on its application and find out whether it is suitable for your case. Should be identified and the necessary dosage, as different manufacturers of the drug may recommend a different dose of the drug.
Valerian should be used if you have nervous agitation or associated with insomnia, migraines and spasms of the digestive tract. Apply it and with neuroses of the heart, as well as for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as angina (early onset) and hypertension.
Taking infusion once, do not expect quick improvements to the best effect you get taking Valerian for a long time and regularly.
Note that you can increase the dose, hoping that it is better or faster work, it is impossible in any case, since you can achieve the reverse operation, receiving the breach of the intestine, nausea and vomiting, agitation or retardation, and whocan, and some allergic reactions. If you made an overdose, you should induce vomiting and gastric lavage.
To take Valerian before eating, drinking it with water (about half Cup) in that case, if you take the tablets. Daily dose of one tablet (200 mg) two or three times a day. The duration of treatment will help you to install the doctor.
A more pronounced effect Valerian tincture. It is produced by 70% alcohol: one should take 20 or 30 drops half an hour before meals.
To prepare a decoction of Valerian, take two teaspoons of chopped root, put in an enamel pan and pour a glass of hot water. All of this should be covered with a lid and boil for a quarter of an hour in a water bath. Cool, press the grass, strain the broth and bring it up to 200 ml with boiled water. Take after meals 3-4 times a day for two tablespoons. For children the dosage is less.
To prepare, pour in a thermos two tablespoons of raw materials add 0.5 liters of boiling water. Leave for three hours, then press and strain. Take the infusion need half a Cup three times a day. If you have trouble sleeping, in addition take half a Cup of Valerian for the night.
Store tablets of Valerian in dry, cool and dark place, the tincture in the fridge.

Advice 2: How to take Valerian

To calm down in a stressful situation, many cling to the Valerian extract, not knowing that take it the wrong way. What subtleties of reception of this money exist?
How to take Valerian?

Most often, the extract of Valerian in our pharmacies can be found in the form of tablets or tinctures. This is a very popular sedative because it has a vegetable origin, has a minimum of contraindications.

Among the indications for the use of Valerian not only the nervous excitation, but also headaches, insomnia and trouble falling asleep, functional disorders of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract spasms, dystonia. Among contraindications – hypersensitivity to components of drug, also Valerian is not recommended during pregnancy, to give children up to three years.

Doctors do not believe Valerian first-aid remedy. To observe the effects of Valerian, it is recommended to take the course. Valerian tends to accumulate in the body, therefore, if you predict the onset of a stressful situation (difficult exams, etc.), you can start taking Valerian in low doses for about two weeks before the event.

Valerian should be careful because she seems like a pretty safe drug, and its price is very affordable. Valerian gently and effectively helps to fight insomnia, irritability, everyday stress. That is why many are willing to take Valerian without consulting your doctor, but this technique is fraught with any drug overdose. Although Valerian overdose is not fatal, it will cause significant confusion, drowsiness, which prevent to lead a normal life, work.

Helpful hint: it should be noted that Valerian is used on some expensive sedatives. Do not be fooled – before you buy an expensive imported resources, which is advertised as "natural," "plant material", read part of it! If the list of ingredients expensive medications contains more Valerian or motherwort, it is better to purchase the extracts of these herbs (in the form of tinctures or tablets) at a more affordable price.

Attention! Before taking any medications, consult your doctor!

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