Side effects

Valerian is usually well tolerated and apply tincture or tablets for nervousness, stress, fatigue, insomnia, pain in the heart, migraines. The person calms down, the pain subsides, the General health improves, normal sleep. Tincture works faster and more effectively than pills.

In General, the Valerian works gradually. Do not expect some incredible results, taking it a couple of times. To achieve a lasting therapeutic effect in many diseases need to take the drug for quite a long time. However, in this case, increases the risk of overdose.

But it should not be allowed. In large quantities Valerian depresses the nervous system and heart activity. And then the person covers the depressed state, he feels a General weakness, malaise. When such symptoms dramatically reduced efficiency.

You should not take Valerian longer than 1-1,5 months without a break. If its longer use can get headaches, allergic skin reactions, constipation. Overdose can testify the feeling of causeless fatigue or sleepiness.

Especially careful you have to be taking at the same time of Valerian and other sedative drugs. The severity of this combination is unpredictable, as Valerian and pills greatly enhance the effects of other sedatives or hypnotics!

It is not always possible to predict how Valerian will work for hypertension. In most case there is a calming effect, a slight decrease in blood pressure. But in some hypertensive patients, it has a stimulating effect and causes a pressure rise, nightmares or insomnia.

Some women have not only prolonged, but even short-term use of Valerian for only a few days can get sick liver, as it turns out, that is available to them hepatotoxic. Such people make it, of course, also should not do.

In addition, due to prolonged use or overdose of Valerian can cause digestive disorders. Sometimes, increases blood clotting risk of blood clots. There are cases when a person develops apathy, he falls into a light depression.


To use Valerian in treatment is sensitivity to the contained substances. It is excluded in chronic nephritis and enterocolitis, alcoholism in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is forbidden to give Valerian to children under three years.

Cannot be combined with alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, opiates, and antihistamines.

Contraindicated the use of alcohol tincture of Valerian when driving, performing work that requires quick reflexes and concentration.