Drops Morozova are appointed not only for nervousness and insomnia, but also in cardiovascular diseases and vegetative-vascular dystonia. Effectiveness in this case due to the presence of hawthorn tincture and Korvalol.
If the nearby pharmacy is no prescription production unit or for some reason there does not cook the drops Morozova, make the drug himself. Pour in a glass vial for 2 parts of tinctures of motherwort and Valerian, 1 part tincture of hawthorn berries and a few drops of sage. Before use, shake the mixture. The difference of this tool from pharmacy drops Morozov is only in the absence in the composition of diphenhydramine, but the amount of the original drug is so small that it affects the efficiency only slightly.
For the treatment increased nervous excitability Morozova take drops three times a day. Mix 10-20 drops of the drug in 50 ml of water and drink in one gulp. While high blood pressure can help 30 drops of this tool. To cope with insomnia possible, taking 40 drops of a medication.
According to some reports, the drug is addictive, so continue treatment for no longer than 1,5-2 weeks. If necessary, repeat the course, but no earlier than 1.5 months.
Of great importance is not only the dosage but also its proper storage. 10 days from the date of preparation — this is the maximum period after which the medication is not recommended. If therapy is scheduled for a longer time, please prepare a new drop. It is recommended to store them at temperatures above 10-15°C, that is in the fridge.