Types of oral contraceptives and their side effects

There are two types of birth control pills: minitablets and a combination of drugs. They differ in the number of hormones in one pill. Minitablets contain only progestin, to prevent pregnancy, and is a combination of drugs – progestin and estrogen, causing monthly menstruation.

Unfortunately, to date there is absolutely useful tablets. Oral contraceptives can sometimes cause the appearance of such side effects like spotting. Often these allocations occur at the beginning of reception of contraceptives and disappear after adaptation. Progestin, included in the composition, can cause nervousness and irritability, estrogen – fluid retention in the body, headaches, increased blood pressure, swelling of lower limbs or bloating.

Many women know that hormonal pills can affect weight gain. This may occur because of increased appetite when taking hormonal, so you should clearly follow the diet.

There is also a risk of thrombosis (vascular diseases). The more the drug of estrogen, the greater the likelihood of thrombosis. Preparations with a low content of female hormone to the thrombosis does not lead.

Many side effects can occur if you take oral contraceptives with antifungals, antibiotics and other medications.

Hormonal drugs are prohibited during pregnancy and lactation.
Women who smoke when taking hormonal contraceptives increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

About the benefits and harms of birth control pills

Finally it is proven that hormonal contraceptives brings to women's health much more good than harm. The fact that birth control negatively affect your ability to have children, has become just a myth. Also it is not proved that these drugs can cause cancer.

Among the common side effects caused by hormonal pills, often noted tenderness in the Breasts, constipation, nausea and a small increase in blood pressure. In rare cases, in women there is a swelling of the liver, diabetes, jaundice or migraines.
Before taking oral contraceptives, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

Hormonal pills bring the female body is not enough use, they are:

- protect from unwanted pregnancy (98% effective);
- prevent the appearance of edema before menstruation;
- reduce the monthly period for 1-2 days;
- relieve menstrual cramps;
- protect the ovaries from many diseases, especially after abortion;
- cleanse the skin from acne;
- stop excessive hair growth;
- can affect the breast augmentation.

Before taking oral contraceptives, you must read their composition.