Birth control pills can be divided into three types, each of which having a different effect on a woman's body. There are combined pills, mini-pills and drugs for emergency contraception.
Combined pill the progestogen and estrogen. The action of this group of drugs is based on the fact that they regulate the level of production by the body of these hormones, preventing the onset of ovulation. The mucus in the cervix becomes thick, which makes the access of sperm to the egg. These contraceptives also have an abortive effect – violate the ability of the uterus to the perception of a fertilized egg, which leads to the death of the embryo.
Action mini-pill is also based on adjustment of the hormones in the female body. Unlike drugs the combined type, mini-pili are composed of only the hormone progestin. These tools are made for women who do not receive estrogen or lactating mothers. These funds block the hormone needed for ovulation, and then make the cervical mucus thicker and the sperm cannot penetrate the egg.
Pills emergency contraceptives contain levonorgestrel is a form of progestin. These tablets are the least effective, but also affect ovulation and reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy. In that case, if a woman is already pregnant, it will not cause any damage to the fetus.