Advice 1: How to apply birth control pills

Women who are going to spare some time for career and postpone conception, you must know how to drink hormonal contraceptives to avoid abortion and to maintain health for future motherhood.
How to apply birth control pills
To avoid an unwanted pregnancy is possible only strictly following the schedule of birth control pills. It is strongly recommended to first consult a gynecologist. To start taking contraceptives to the first day of menstruation or when indicated by the doctor. Also birth control drugs are prescribed to normalize the cycle after a miscarriage, abortion, childbirth.
Pills must be taken daily at the same time, preferably before bedtime. In order not to miss the reception, it is better to create in the telephone reminder with a sound alert.
Usually one pack of oral contraceptives contains 21 pill. In this case, after continuous birth control pills for three weeks, it's a seven-day break. That is, if you started on Monday, then finish the pack on Sunday after 21 days. The whole week you don't drink pills, and start a new pack again on Monday.
If in a pack of 28 tablets, this means that in 21-th of them contains contraceptive hormones and 7 inactive include substances like iron and sugar. These "dummy" is needed in order not to stray from the account.
How to drink hormonal contraceptives if you missed the time of taking the pill? If the alleged admission was no more than 12 hours, drink the pill again and follow the schedule. If you remembered about the missed pill only during a next, have them simultaneously. By skipping 2 pills, take two days in a row to make them in 2 pieces, starting from the moment you remembered about them. Together with oral contraceptives in this period it is necessary to use barrier methods of contraception – condoms, vaginal rings, caps, etc. Then return to the regular schedule, and when the pack runs out, take a week break.
During the first two months of the oral contraceptive pill must be combined with barrier. In this period there is hormonal changes in the body, and ovulation is inhibited gradually. Special attention to protection with condoms or vaginal rings should be given during the first seven-day break.
Following the schedule of birth control pills, you need to monitor closely the reaction of the body. Common side effects are spotting blood discharge, sometimes lasting from a month to one month. If they are not stopped after a month of taking oral contraceptives, you need to finish the packet and started to go to the doctor asking about changing drugs.
When taking other medicines and herbal action of the pill can weaken. Warn your physician that you are taking oral contraceptives. Otherwise, there may come an unwanted pregnancy.

Advice 2 : How to pick up pills

Hormones are a unique discovery in the field of contraception. The principle of operation is quite simple. Under the influence of hormones going on blockade of ovulation, whereby the egg is just not Mature and certainly not out of the ovary. Pregnancy does not occur, because the sperm becomes simply nothing to fertilize. Pick up hormonal pills should be taking into account individual peculiarities of the female organism.
How to pick up pills
Micro-dose hormonal pills are perfect for young and nulliparous women who have regular sexual intercourse more often than once a week. Micro-dose hormonal pill is the best means of protection from unwanted pregnancy for the girls who have never enjoyed the means of hormonal contraception. Such tablets include: "Lindinet-20", "Jess", "LOGEST", "Mersilon", "Novinet", "Klajra". These medications are easily tolerated and have virtually no side effects.
Low-dose hormonal pills are recommended to women in late reproductive age and parous women. These pills it is advisable to use also the young and nulliparous girls, living a regular sexual life, ovulation which, as a result of receiving micro-dose hormonal drugs, are not blocked. The most popular low-dose hormonal therapy are: "yasmin", "Lindinet-30", "Marvelon", "Regulon", Jeanine", "Silest" and "Miniziston".
Parous women and women in late reproductive age living a regular sexual life, perfect and srednedushevye hormonal pills: "Desmoulins", "Chloe" and "Diana-35". These drugs are not only able to protect the woman from unwanted pregnancy, they are also a great remedy for regulating the menstrual cycle.
But high-dose, highly hormonal pillssuch as "Ovidon", "Three-regolith", "Trikvilar", "Triziston", "Milane" and "Non-Dark", used typically to address a variety of hormonal diseases and as protection from unwanted pregnancy during the period of treatment hormonal disturbances. These tablets can be used only on prescription.
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