Maximum effectiveness from birth control pills is achieved by their daily use at the same time. The first pill should be taken on the first day of the cycle, i.e. the first day of menstruation. If you felt sick after receiving, then try to take pills in the morning before eating or at night.If the moment is missed, do not worry, start taking them within the first five days of the cycle. Just the first week, use additional contraception (condoms). One missed pill or late reception of a contraceptivecontaining only progestogen, also means the need to use condoms.For upset stomach or vomiting, the action of the pill is on the wane. Regardless of the number of impulses per day. For each medication in the user designated rules of behavior in such situations. It is also important to consider the interaction of contraceptives with certain medications. For example, antibiotics or anti-seizure medication can interact with the combined contraceptive pill. In this case it is better to consult a gynecologist.For women smokers is also a risk when taking birth control pills. The older you are, the lower the effectiveness of their reception.Are there birth control pillsthat can be taken within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse, but this is a serious hormonal stress to the body. Therefore, it is important not to be afraid to visit the gynecologist, and preferably do it before sexual activity. It will pick up birth control pillsthat will suit you best. Taking care of your health is the responsibility of every woman and future mother.