There is nothing more detrimental to sexual desire than fear of accidental pregnancy. That's why hormonal contraceptives have become a symbol of freedom for women. Soon, however, a happy sex life was marred side effects of hormonal drugs. The medical world was divided into two camps. Some doctors claim that oral contraceptives can dramatically affect women's sexual function - from decreased libido to cancer. Others suggest to choose any drug in change of well-being, because the choice of oral contraceptives is quite wide.

Hormonal contraceptives are divided into micro-dose, low-dose, high-dose, highly srednedushevye and the content of female hormones.

How are the hormonal contraceptives

Main action of the pill is based on the increase of the hormone progesterone or the combined action of progesterone and estrogen. Taking these drugs has antiandrogenic effect, i.e. it facilitates reduction of testosterone - a hormone essential to the female body for the maturation of the follicles in which the oocyte Matures. Accordingly, if there is no egg, and fertilized nothing, which means pregnant woman can not.

All is good, but numerous studies carried out in Russia, Europe and the USA show that when reduced testosterone, and decreased libido. Study participants male talked about the fact that you can't get from women taking oral contraceptives, strong sexual arousal, and sexual thoughts of the female half began to occur much less frequently.

Blood tests showed that the disappearance of libido is directly related to the decrease in the level of testosterone in the blood. It should be noted that the symptoms began to appear after three months of continuous pill-taking. However, some participants in the focus groups did not notice any changes in libido from the medication, and some even noted an increased sexual desire. This was marked by the other positive effects of the tablets: the establishment of a regular menstrual cycle, the reduction in the incidence of inflammatory diseases of female genital organs (adnexitis, hydrosalpinx, obesity), reducing the risk of ectopic pregnancy, improve skin condition, etc.

Progestin contraceptives have fewer side effects and a lower degree of protection, but they can be taken by nursing mothers.

The negative effect of hormonal contraceptives

In addition to reducing libido, oral contraceptives can also cause increase blood pressure, increase in body weight, tension in the Breasts, headache, nausea, mood swings and the appearance of age spots.

I must say that all of these symptoms disappear after discontinuation of the drug, although it is impossible to predict in what time frame to regain natural hormonal balance. Fertility usually returns within a month.