Canning pickles at home in a jar can get contaminated with bacteria. In reproduction, they emit toxins and gases. Gradually accumulating under the hood, the gases are collected in such a quantity that the Bank explodes.

Why can exploding pickle jars

Microbes that can survive in canned food, are wrapped in the dispute, which allows them to move a variety of unpleasant factors. These include, in particular, temperatures up to 100C in the home. In terms of industrial sterilization of canned carried out in an autoclave, where the temperature is – 120C. So microorganisms are destroyed more effectively.

Germination of spores in the banks and the formation of vegetative forms of microorganisms which produce gas, toxins, dangerous to humans, comes from the fact that in the marinade insufficient amount of acid. In addition, extremely harmful to canned cucumbers operates the storage jars in room temperature.

Is it possible to avoid explosions of cans

To prevent explosions of cans, you should follow some rules – this applies not only to canning cucumbers, but other vegetables malakili. Before you begin cooking preparations, the vegetables have to carefully wash, do not use rotten or spoiled. Jars and lids for sterilizing preforms according to the rules. In a saucepan, where for sterilization is placed in the Bank to get better water, and a saturated solution of salt that can be cooked based on 1 liter of water 400 grams of salt. At the boiling point of this solution, which is 108оС, a more reliable sterilization.

Rules of sterilization of dishes can not be neglected. Everything must be done exactly according to instructions, the cucumbers into the prepared jar to lay immediately, without waiting time, then to act in accordance with the recipe. Cover after sterilization should immediately get to the Bank. Sometimes the hostess sterilized jars, two or three pieces, and then make up until you are several rows, and then lay the cucumbers. So bookmark cucumber really takes less time, but some banks manage to get germs.

Before you begin canning, it is necessary to wash hands thoroughly. In the marinade you need to add this amount of acid, which is recommended in the recipe – it is 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar levetiracetam. Storing home canned cucumbers should be carried out at a temperature not more than +8ºc.

In no case can not eat canned food from cans that have swollen caps – it can be life-threatening.