How is the mold in a jar of jam

Mold in a jar of jam can occur due to insufficient amounts of sugar, which in this case acts as a preservative, or a short boiling of jam. The cause is often the use of poorly washed and infected with mold products, unsterilized jars or lids and storing an improperly sealed containers of jam in a damp location.

How dangerous is mold

For some products, the mold is specially bred to give them a distinctive taste and aroma. An example of this can be certain types of cheese that smell is very specific. It is believed that such a noble mould contains beneficial bacteria that help the intestines.
However, even such foods encouraged to eat in strictly limited quantities.

Self-formed mold, which can be found on the surface of the food or the walls of buildings, consists of thousands of species of fungi, able to grow and produce dangerous toxins. The last substances when accumulation in the body, destroying it slowly but surely.

The fact that the mold contains a poison called mycotoxin, which not only provokes the poisoning, gastrointestinal disorders and reduced immunity, but may lead to mutations at the cellular level. This person for many years may not notice what is happening in his system negative changes.
Beware especially of mold is to those who are allergic to penicillin. Even the smallest dispute in this case can often cause serious consequences.

How to deal with mold in a jar of jam

Scientists warn that the product is affected by mold, you can't eat at all. The fact that the structure of mold consists of filaments of the two species. First, disputes are always drawn up and the other penetrates the interior of the product, forming an invisible mycelium. Thus, even a small amount of sooty mold on the product may indicate complete infection.

However, many types of molds is absolutely easy to carry as very low and high temperatures. So just remove spoon mould phase of jam and boiling the rest will not bring absolutely no effect – you will have all the same toxic product.

That is why the discovery of mold in a jar of jam is very important as soon as possible to dispose of this product. It is not recommended to hold it close to my face and especially snort – lightweight, mold spores can easily enter through the nasopharynx into your body. In addition, it is desirable to throw out not only the jam, but the jar it was kept.