Incandescent lamp is a complicated device. It works, heating up in the result of electrical current flow in a spiral from alloys based on tungsten. For the manufacture of conventional light bulbs require a minimum of 7 metals, and the bulb of most modern lamps filled with inert gases, except for lamps of low power. These lamps (25 Watt) make vacuum.Everyone is aware of the explosion of the light bulb is nothing like the stabilization of the atmospheric pressure during decompression of the bulb. Often a sharp filling with air discharged environment the bulb can even lead to the destruction of its surface, that's why the fragments of the lamps and sometimes flying in all directions.Another question, why is a sealed lamp filled with rarefied inert gases, or vacuum is suddenly depressurized. Reasons for this may be several, but the main is substandard products, lamps, the Assembly of which was made a technological error. Another common problem of the Russian apartments – high voltage electrical networks. The lamp life depends on the quality of the supply voltage. With an increase in voltage increases the temperature of the tungsten filament, the tungsten atoms begin to evaporate intensively, the filament thins, there is a darkening of the bulb and eventually the filament breaks. In this regard, you should pay attention to the contacts in the bulb sockets, which can also shorten the life of any lamp.Finally, to trigger the explosion of a lamp in your apartment can banal defective or broken switch defective connection of wires of the chandelier to the network and for poor connections in the distribution boxes or fuse box housing. If you find a problem of constant explosions of lamps in your apartment, but do not have special education and corresponding experience, then work to correct the status quo is best put on the shoulders of the electrician.