So, before we proceed to the sterilization of cans, I have to consider: if you find that have chips, cracks, etc., then set them aside, as they cannot be used. The remaining banks wash it in water with soda, soap, or any suitable means to wash dishes, then rinse them with cold water several times.

Place clean jars in the oven, and if they are wet, you need to place them bottom down, if the dry - up bottom. It should be noted that before loading the jars, the oven must be either cold or slightly warm. Next, turn on the oven on 50 degrees, and wait 10 minutes, then continue every five to seven minutes to increase the temperature in the kitchen appliance at 10-20 degrees until you bring it to 150 degrees.

How to sterilize jars in the oven:

- banks of 0.5-0.8 l to about 10 minutes;

can with a volume of 1 liter – 15 minutes;

- banks 2 years – 20-25 minutes;

- banks 3 years – 25-30 minutes.

After some time put on hands cooking gloves-oven mitts, open the oven door, carefully remove it from the banks and place them bottom up on a clean kitchen towel. It should be noted that gloves must be dry, otherwise when removing the jars from the oven it can explode right in your hands.

It should be noted that the oven can also be sterilized and the metal cap. To do this, cover thoroughly washed with soda, well rinsed them and put wet in the oven (along with banks). Sterilization time is 10 - 15 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.