The question of why cucumbers are bitter, have long been concerned about farmers. If previously it was believed that the main reason for the bitterness of cucumbers only in insufficient watering, at the present time identified the exact cause, namely:

- sudden changes in temperature;

- insufficient watering;

- depleted clay soil;

- poor quality seeds;

- too dry air;

- bright lighting;

- watering with cold water.

What to do to cucumbers bitter

Everyone knows that cucumbers like a moist fertile soil that is so watered, they need time, and only warm water. In hot and dry days it is necessary to arrange the sprinkling with the spices. installations.

To grow sweet pickles, you need to monitor temperature, try to maintain it at the same level in the 22-25 degrees. In the daytime you need to open a greenhouse (if cucumbers are grown there), and night - close.

It is worth remembering that cucumbers prefer to grow in shade, it is therefore not necessary to put them under the scorching rays of the sun. A wonderful option - in the shade of the trees.

Now, at the expense of seeds. Unable to taste bitter cucumbers, which are grown from old seeds. As for the seeds, which are procured independently, they can also produce a bitter seed, if the seeds are taken closer to the tail of the vegetable.