How does a fire extinguisher

There is a misconception that a fire extinguisher can explode if the car is a long time in the sun. This is incorrect, because the extinguishers are designed to extinguish the fire, he's hot.

When choosing a fire extinguisher for the car should be guided by its main characteristics. The fire extinguisher must be provided maximum and minimum temperature under which it can be stored. Standard fire extinguisher can be safely stored at temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees.

The fire extinguisher may also provide for the maximum storage time at temperatures up to +80 degrees. Usually it is 7 days.

Quality fire extinguisher consists of a steel cylinder which can withstand a pressure of six times its own, and not explode.


Breaking of fire extinguisher - a very rare phenomenon. Nevertheless, a certain caution can not hurt. A fire extinguisher is better to keep closer to the floor, away from the sun. Then its temperature will be much lower.

Defective extinguishers can cause great harm. These extinguishers can really explode. In the professional sphere extinguishers should be checked every year in a special service services.
Extinguishers for cars should be changed every three years. Because of the constant trasok when riding powder in the extinguisher is compressed, and such device becomes inoperable.

For safety a fire extinguisher should not be placed behind the seat in the car. It is better to provide a special compartment.

Most modern fire extinguishers have a special valve. If the fire extinguisher is heated to the critical temperature, the valve opens and the extinguisher is leaking, but not explode. If no such valve, fire extinguisher, long while in fire, may explode. The valve of the fire extinguisher may come off from the cylinder when you press the handle, if we are talking about the fire extinguisher, working on carbon dioxide. It is possible injury.

But this happens very rarely, and the likelihood that the fire extinguisher blow up in the car, very small.

A much more serious question regarding the use of fire extinguishers is that, what if the burning car. Is it safe to use the device, if you turn on the car engine?
A fire extinguisher could come in handy if a fire starts inside the machine. A small fire from a fallen cigarette, podpolucha floor covering or paper, easy to put out.

The sensible thing to do in this case – to move away from the car at a safe distance. It is not necessary to lift the hood of a burning engine. It can explode right in the face. If the flames had reached the car, do not try to extinguish it.