Options for the location of the vagina

Sexologists have noticed that the vagina in girls may be placed at different heights. For someone it is clearly in the center area of the perineum, the other offset to the anus, and the third – to the pubis. The last option is called the high location of the vagina. Unofficially is the vagina is also called the "Wren."

To know about how it happens is the vagina, it is helpful to both men and women to be able to choose the correct posture in which the penis does not slip constantly from the vagina of the girl. Choosing uncomfortable the pose, the partners will be forced to focus on similar issues, so the pleasure from the process will decrease significantly.

Statistically, girls with the high location of the vagina is not much, only about 4%.

Due to the proximity of the vagina to the clitoris, the structure of the genital organs allows the girl to easily gain orgasms, though not in all positions. The most suitable postures when the partners are face to face.

The best poses for the bead

The most common and simple pose, right girl, will be the well-known "missionary". The female partner lies on her back, legs spread, the partner is on top. Also a nice variation of this position, which is just perfect for girls with a high vagina: when her legs shifted, and top partner, divorced legs. This position is usually like and men like vagina more closely embraces the penis, and women, as additionally stimulates the clitoris.

The partner can use any variation of missionary: with a variety of zakidyvaniem feet, side taps and so forth, that the couple has enough imagination.

Also a good pose of "rider" when a woman is on top. If it is slightly bent, you can have more fun.

Very interesting pose, which is suitable for couples where the partner is much larger partner is a ballerina. Man stands and the girl seemed to hang on it. He firmly holding her buttocks, and she grabs his legs. If the partners are about the same height, then they can have sex standing up, but the girl for convenience it is better to throw one leg on the thigh partner.

If the vagina is very high, then you can try another interesting pose. The partners are face to face on his knees. This pose is called a "closed book".

But what pose is better to exclude: all in which the partner comes back, especially if he has a big dick. The fact that even if during sex the partner will not feel discomfort, then it may well be that somewhere there was erosion.