With a high probability of becoming pregnant, you should know the exact day of your ovulation. As a rule, the women he falls in 12-14 days after the first day of the cycle. However, it is possible to get pregnant and 7 days before ovulation and 7 days after her. Some are fully confident that you can conceive only during ovulation, however, this opinion is not entirely true. Some manage to conceive in the days of menstruation.
You can recognize ovulation by certain signs: a few days before she felt heaviness in the abdomen, increased sex drive and daily discharge becomes transparent or disappear. You can also determine the onset of ovulation with test. Currently, many pharmacies sold for such a test.
That conception has occurred, should be favorable microflora of intimate areas. You need some time to not use deodorant for the intimate area, artificial lubricants, scented pads, as well as do the douching. Such funds can disrupt natural PH balance, resulting in the probability of conception drops significantly.
Precisely to get pregnant, sex is best to do no more than 3 times a week, since the precise day of ovulation is not always possible and viable spermatozoa from 3 to 7 days. But with daily sex sperm quality changes. Long-term abstinence, which is more than 7 days, has also affected the sperm, reducing their quality. It is advisable to have sex before ovulation and begin from the 7th day of the cycle.
There are different poses for those who want to get pregnant faster. These positions allow the sperm to penetrate deeper into the vagina deeper and stay there longer. The best position is the traditional (missionary) position, but it can be improved, having enclosed under buttocks of a woman pillow. But in the pose of "Horsewoman" when the woman is on top, to have sex for conception is not recommended, since in this case the sperm leaks out and does not have time to get to the destination.
To get pregnant after intercourse the woman should lie down with feet elevated for about 30 minutes and a shower later. If you manage to get in the position "Candle", it may well help. The point of these acrobatics is to keep sperm in the vagina as long as possible.
Many couples think about how to have sex to get pregnant, make every effort to achieve the desired goal of conception. However, they often forget about enjoyment and pleasure, and thus the process of sexual intercourse more resembles a mechanical movement than a sex loving each other people. This should not be "obsessed", because of this, the chances to conceive a child will only decrease. Relax and try to give each other pleasure in this process.
The scientists were able to prove that strong and bright male orgasm has a big impact on sperm quality. Female orgasm also plays an important role in the conception of a child, while it is only an assumption, not a scientific fact. Love one another and let your love be born a very happy and beautiful child.