Brilliant triangle

At first glance, this position is similar to the popular missionary: the woman lies on her back, and the man is on top. Only in this position there is a piquant moment - the man does not lie, and kneels, and a woman bends legs and takes a pelvis to meet him. In the end, the main movement is doing a partner. In addition to a good stimulation, this position gives you the opportunity to pump up the muscles of the pelvis.
Contrary to popular belief, the description of the postures in the Kamasutra is just one Chapter. The rest is devoted to the behavior of men and women, their manners and ways to meet people.


Popular position for those who love sex in public places. "Castle" does not require a large and soft bed. For sex in this position, you will need only a small horizontal surface - a table, washer, window sill. A woman sits on the edge, and the man suitable in front. Partner grabs your hips lover's legs, leans back and rests on his hands. In this position there is a powerful stimulation of the clitoris.

Thai truck

This position is common among the lovers of unusual sex. It requires sufficient physical preparation. First, the woman gets on her knees and elbows with his back to the man and bends his head. The partner also gets on her knees takes feet of his mistress and takes them to the height of your hips. The woman wraps the waist of men's hands and bends the back. This pose is quite difficult for beginners. Also the woman should not be heavier than your partner, otherwise the position becomes unstable.

Split bamboo

As in the missionary position, a woman lies on her back and the man kneels between her legs. Partner throws one leg to her lover on the shoulder, and the other leaves on the bed. The task of men is to support the foot of the partner and to hold yourself. But the woman's hands remain free, and she can use them as he wants.
Some poses require a good stretch.

The spoon

This position refers to sex on your side. The woman lies on her side and pressed the feet, and the man "attached" to her from behind and hugging her. This position will suit your couple, if you both are tired: it does not require significant effort, and adopted a position comfortable enough. Also it is one of the few available in the later stages of pregnancy.


Another variation on the popular pose. This time the object of the experiments was loved by many men, "doggie-style". In the position "fan" the woman is on the floor, leaning on a stool, a table or something stable, and bends back. The man enters her from behind. Position provides deep penetration, but rather tedious.