Pose "Spoon" technique

So, in this position both partners lie on his side, the man pressed to the back of the buttocks of the female partner. Slowly he begins to enter the woman's vagina your penis. Women are recommended at this point, pulling up his legs to his chest to make the vaginal muscles more tense - it pleases men. Partner can also bend the legs at the knees, pressed them to the female foot, connecting in the fetal position.

Changed the pose "Spoon: Dessert spoon

This modification of the position of "Spoon" has another name: teaspoon. Then the woman should raise the upper leg so that the partner could penetrate deeper. Get 2 in 1: the pleasure of sex, and a good stretch.

Features poses

This posture is very comfortable, but many love her not only because of this. The beauty of the poses according to the Kama Sutra lies in the fact that the partner has completely free hands, he can use them to excite the girls in the front.

The woman may, at its discretion, to change the position of the feet to raise them vertically, throw forth, stretch along. So there is a place to experiment.

Pose "Spoons" is the best choice for sex in the morning, when too lazy to remember the intricate poses of the Kama Sutra, just want to luxuriate in bed, while receiving a mind-blowing orgasm.