In the process of lovemaking should be position, not allowing the sperm to flow out. In addition, task good and quick fertilization is that the sperm had a better chance to fertilize the egg. Of course, that the pose of "woman on top" is excluded, since it reduces all the chances to fulfill their direct duty to the sperm.
So, what posture is to emphasize to quickly get pregnant? In principle, any suitable position at which the ejaculating sperm can easily fall into the uterus towards the egg. Not excluded, and other provisions, but immediately before the actual ejaculation it is advisable to change it with the one in which the male member and the uterus is maximally converging that will significantly increase the chances of conception.
The best position for fertilization - classical, or "missionary" ("man on top"). To have sex in this position for conception prescribes another medical treatise of Ancient India - "Charaka-Samhita". It was written that when a woman takes into its fold the male semen, lying on the back, all the organs are positioned correctly.
In this position, the woman lies on her back and her partner are on top. The woman can tighten the legs to the stomach or bend them, which ensures better contact of the male sperm with the cervix. In addition, the partner can put a man on the shoulders of one or both feet, cross them on his back. This position is recommended for most women except those who have a tilted uterus.
Another pose for bistrogo conception - the "knee-elbow" ("the man behind"). So having sex animals. In this position, the woman leans back on his arms and kneels, her partner is back. In addition, a woman may lie face down, and a man should raise her legs up to the level of his waist or shoulders. In this position can have sex nearly all women, including those who have a tilted uterus.
If a woman has an inflamed ovaries, the uterus may be turned slightly to the side. In this case, you should select a suitable position for conception, in which the partner needs to lie on his side where the rotated uterus. In that case, if the uterus is positioned normally, below the buttocks, you can put a small pillow against his chest, the knees and lift the legs.