The most common movements in the sex — and-forth. Their pace gradually increased. Goes more a man, a woman does the same movements but with smaller amplitude. He bends forward, she's in the same direction, but only slightly. It allows you to adjust the depth of penetration, creating the impression of unity.
Translational motion can be performed in opposite directions. Then both partners move towards each other. At the moment the connection is very deep contact. Usually such actions do not carry long-term character, but in the heat of passion can be interesting.
A woman can make circular movements in the process when it is in the top positions. And you can not just move up and down, but also leaning, as if painting a circle, but it is rising and falling. The intensity may be different, in the beginning of the act it acts very exciting.
To experience an unprecedented feeling, you can change the angle of entry. To move the need to the beat with a partner, but slightly leaning to the right or left. The difference in emotions at the rhythm is very relevant for the beautiful half, as the penis rests on the point that was not previously stimulated. But remember that you don't need acrobatic move even a few millimeters is enough to feel something new.
In sex a woman can use her vaginal muscles. In the process of love-making, it can cut them and relax. These movements may be felt by both partners that stimulates desire. You can even play: squeeze the muscles so that the man was difficult to get in. These movements stimulate the internal organs, promote the onset of orgasm in ladies. But at the moment the most active movements, when both are ready to finish, the better the muscles are not cut, but simply relax them.