Any couple staying for quite a long time in a relationship, you need to add variety to sex. To do this, after purchasing the sex toys, costumes for role play or just beautiful clothes. An alternative method is absolutely free and ingeniously simple: it is enough to change habitual postures.

Interesting poses

If you haven't tried a pose where the girl is on top, but is back to the man's face, a must try. If this position is perfectly stimulates the G-spot, and the man a great view of the back guarantees extra excitement.

Interesting and unusual position in which partners are "crossed". The man should lie on the side, and the woman perpendicular to him. Feet need to throw the man so that the member felt comfortable to enter from behind. In this position it is convenient to change the intensity and angles of entry and it is perfect for anal sex.

Quite popular, but still overlooked by many pose for sex – the man behind both lie on your side. The woman can connect the legs, or to lift one up, put it on the feet of the partner. This pose is very good for the manifestations of affection, as a man might gently enter the penis, while gently stroking the body of his partner and kissing her neck. In the pose of a sideways comfortable to experiment, changing the pace of breaches and their intensity. For anal sex it is also very suitable.

Original sex positions

To try a pose that is incredibly exciting, the girl to stand beside the bed on his knees so that the head, abdomen and chest it was. The man should come back, take partner for the knees and lift so that her legs were a little higher than his knees, and then enter it and make frictions, bare back arched.

The next pose is quite original and could be of great pleasure. The man should sit on the bed, his legs stretched out in a horizontal position. The woman turns back to him and slowly goes down on cock, then bends the torso forward so that it is between the legs of her partner. Moves in this position, the woman.

Another rarely used posture, in which the member penetrates as deeply as possible, is also under the control of women. Partner should lie on your back and pulling one leg, and the second bend. A woman needs to get a job so that his thigh was between her legs, then grab your hands behind his knee, to fall on the member and move up and down.

The whole secret of a rich sexual relationship is to take care about the pleasure of each other and desire to acquire new knowledge in one of the most interesting aspects of life.